Bird protection: Thoroughly clean nesting boxes in the garden

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In the course of a breeding season, a lot of dirt and parasites accumulate in the nesting boxes. So that in the coming year no pathogens endanger the brood, one should empty the boxes in autumn and clean them thoroughly with a brush. They are then hung up again if possible, because in winter, the nest boxes should remain undisturbed, as some are also used by dormice as winter quarters. In the late winter then go the first tits again looking for a flat.

Early autumn is the optimal time for house cleaning

The time from September to mid-October is ideal for cleaning nesting boxes, as the last nest of tits, sparrows, garden red tails and nuthatchers has flown out and potential winter guests such as bats or dormouse, who like to hide in the cold, have not yet moved in. Even songbirds weakened by the cold like to take on such a dwelling in winter nights to protect themselves from the freezing temperatures.

Remove nest from nesting box

Sweep the nest box with a broom

First, remove the old nest and protect your own hands with gloves, as the nesting material often accumulates mites and bird fleas during the season (left). After that brush out the nest box thoroughly (right). For heavy soiling, you can additionally rinse it with water

Hang the nesting box

Now hang the nesting box cat-proof in two to three meters height with the Einflugloch in the east on. For attaching old trees are best. For young trees, you should be careful not to damage them

Disinfect nest boxes?

Bought nest boxes usually have a hinged roof or a removable front wall, so you can easily clean them. For self-built models of course, this is only if you have taken into account the annual cleaning in the construction. If necessary, simply unscrew the roof.

If the remains of the old nest have been thoroughly removed, you should hang the nest box right back. Who takes it very carefully, can additionally wash the interior with hot water and disinfect after drying, by thoroughly spraying it with spirit. However, some bird experts consider this quite critical - after all, most cave breeders in the wild have to be content with already used uncleaned woodpecker caves. The question is whether the offspring will not be harmed by the excessive hygiene, as the immunity of the juvenile birds is not sufficiently required.

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