Birkorinne (Birco gutter) for drainage & drainage - 9 tips for installation

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Often referred to as Birkorinne is the ordinary drainage channel for the private builder.

My girlfriend Andrea is building, and occasionally the construction stress is not enough. Yesterday she called very desperately and said that the architect had just called her, he would now talk to the house technician about drainage and the "Birkorinne" and report to her next week. Could I quickly gather some facts about a Birkorinne and email her, she has so much to do this week? I could:

  1. When talking about Birkorinne, it usually means the ordinary drainage channel for the private builder, which is needed to collect and drain the accumulated rainwater on paved areas around the house (usually in the sewer).
  1. Whether a drainage channel is needed and who takes care of it, you should clarify in good time during the construction planning. If this point has not been addressed and later in the construction it turns out that a drainage channel must be brought in, there is often a dispute. Such shortcomings in planning can occur quickly, particularly in the field of outdoor drainage, because here the distinction between the architects' very own field of activity and that of the building services engineer is not clearly defined. So you should better think of it when building a house.
  1. The drainage channels are available in countless designs, with many different cover grids (there are certainly considerable design variants here) and in a wide variety of sizes. Just about the design you should inform yourself a little before, so you have time to imagine the different possibilities on the object. Design and size are usually determined together with the responsible planner.
  1. The company Birco Baustoffwerk GmbH from 76532 Baden-Baden is one of the major manufacturers in this field (which also maintains its own property management department, which develops and realizes individual solutions). Other suppliers include ACO Tiefbau Vertrieb GmbH from 24755 Rendsburg, Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG from 76437 Rastatt and WOLFA components made from steel and plastic Friedrich Wolfarth GmbH & Co. KG from 97990 Weikersheim-Neubronn. Probably all suppliers have developed special solutions for the private construction sector, offer special components such as corner joints and crossings and manufacture customized components in the cutting service on request.
  1. Important for a Birkorinne is the tendency, this is about the drainage of flat surfaces that must allow the flow. The next crucial point is the load for which the gutter body has to be designed. The load classes are described in DIN EN 1433, from the traffic area for pedestrian traffic to the area that is used with particularly high wheel loads.
  1. Other points to keep in mind: The use of gutters can reduce the required connection height of a door above the surface of the pavement (most companies, of course, also offer the construction of completely barrier-free transitions). If the gutter is to be connected to a gully, special considerations to length and gradient are required.
  1. The planning of the drainage includes the calculation of the number of sinkers to be introduced, the assessment of the property for infiltration capacity and the planning of the rainfall to be applied.
  1. As part of a house construction, the installation is usually done by a company, if drainage z. If, for example, a subsequent garage construction is necessary, you can also install the drainage channel yourself.
  1. Drainage, on the other hand, refers to the drainage of the entire property. For example, if the earth is not permeable to water, drains must be placed next to the garden paths so that puddles are formed on the property after each rain. The drainage of the garden path can then be effected by creating a trench approximately 30 cm deep parallel to the path and filling it with gravel. Prerequisite here is a corresponding slope of road and Drängraben, the water can be passed to a seepage shaft or into the sewer. But you can also dig in flexible drainage pipes, which are perforated PVC pipes or clay pipes through which the surface water seeps into the pipe. When laying the drainage pipes are also some special features to consider.

I sent this overview to you earlier, I hope she now has an idea of ​​what she's talking about with the architect.

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