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Stechfliege - calf piercer - calf biter

When the sun's rays warm the earth in spring, it's not just the plants that wake up from their long hibernation. With increasing temperatures, the number of insects increases. Waders and sting flies are among the unpleasant pests. The calf's thighs (also known under the name Wadenbei├čer or stable fly) feed exclusively on the blood of humans and animals. It is difficult but not impossible to control insects that are widespread and adaptable throughout the world. With patience and sufficient preparation you can protect yourself from painful bites.

Dangerous bloodsuckers

Confusion and the thought of when houseflies can sting are not uncommon in summer. And rightly so. Because only just 6 to 7 mm large pests can be confused at first glance with the common housefly. However, their wings are more spread and clearly visible is the front of the head protruding Stechr├╝ssel. In contrast to brakes and mosquitoes, blood is on the menu of the male and female specimens of the calf's thighs.
The bite of diurnal insects is painful and is usually noticed immediately by the injured party. The pests have their favorite places where they sting. In warm-blooded animals especially the belly and the legs are affected. In midsummer, horses and cows are a popular victim of bloodsucking flies.
According to statistics, the parasites are capable of sucking between 10 and 17 mg of blood per day. The food intake itself takes several minutes. With the sting dangerous pathogens and germs can be transferred to the victim. The danger increases if the insect finds another involuntary victim within half an hour. In addition to a relatively harmless swelling or redness, veins are potential carriers of fecal germs, Borrelia, Salmonella and Listeria.
For this reason, you should not take a bite from the biting flies lightly. The duration of the sting does not matter for a potential infection. Already at the first bite, veins can transmit viruses or germs to humans and animals. That's why it's important to keep an eye on the affected area. A slight redness is normal. If excessive swelling or other symptoms of illness occur, consult a doctor quickly. Domestic and veterinarians can reliably diagnose the pathogen in almost all cases and initiate effective treatment methods.
Tip: Special ointments with an antiallergic, such as Bepanthen or Fenistil, can relieve the pruritus-induced itching and speed healing.

Preventive measures

Stechfliege - calf piercer - calf biter

Calf biter are not only found in the rural area. In summer, the flying pests spread in the house and in the apartment. With some preparation, you can take preventive methods to keep insects out of their own homes. Prevent the painful bite of the pests. Larks are attracted to the smell of fecal matter, damp textiles and food. The pests are adaptable and can adapt to existing conditions. From June to October is the peak season of the snappy calf piercer. It is not uncommon to find the pests on warm days in winter. To successfully fight and keep the insects away, you should therefore use the following methods throughout the year:
  • Do not store or cover strong-smelling foods outdoors
  • Ensure hygiene
  • Close garbage cans tightly
  • Cover waste and compost heaps
With the last point, the increase of the brakes and calf biter can be reasonably managed. The pests prefer to lay their eggs in cow manure, horse apples and manure heaps. If you empty them regularly or cover them, the number of flying offspring drops drastically. This is especially interesting for horse stables and agriculture. Because in the barn and in the pasture, the animals visibly suffer from the blood-sucking insects. In addition to panic attacks and itchy eczema on the skin, a massive infestation can have a negative effect on milk production.
Tip: Protect horses and dogs in the summer with a blanket from annoying bites through brakes and Co. That also reduces the stress factor for the animals.

Fend off pests in the house and garden

The simplest and most efficient way to repel insects is to install fly screens. The close-meshed material attaches to windows and exterior doors and effectively prevents crawling and flying animals from entering the living spaces. The advantage with rented objects: A predominant part of the fly screens is attached by Velcro to window and door inner frame and can be removed if necessary without leaving a trace. With intensive smelling plants you can "confuse" the sensitive smell of the insects.Plant in the immediate vicinity of the house plants with a high proportion of essential fragrances. Useful are, for example, Mediterranean plants, which are used simultaneously in the kitchen. These include, for example:
  • lavender
  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • lemon balm
  • sage
  • peppermint

Stechfliege - calf piercer - calf biter

In addition, it is advisable to set up special glue traps in the form of bands or plates. Larks are attracted to the pheromone-added products and stick to the sticky surface. As before, mechanical control should not be ignored. The classic fly swatter helps to fight unpleasant pests in the house and on the terrace. The insects can be persistent. For this reason, simply driving through motion rarely leads to success. Only after several unsuccessful attempts the pests leave their victim. To avoid unsightly stains on the wall, electric gossips are recommended. Striking with brute force is not possible here, the power grid kills the brakes and calf puncture reliably and without lasting traces. Scented candles from the trade have shown little effect in practice. In some cases, the light attracts even more parasitic insects.
Another option, which is mainly used in retail and catering, is the installation of UV light traps. The light magically attracts many insects. Larks are not attracted directly by UV light, but by strong odors and the CO2 concentration of the air. There is a high probability that the pests will settle in the deadly light source. Once the pests have contact with the electrical surface, they become paralyzed and die. UV light traps are effective and are suitable for kitchens in the home. Legal requirements prohibit the use of the lamps outdoors. This scheme also affects balconies and terraces. The danger is great that useful insects, such as butterflies and bumblebees, die in the devices.
If you spend a lot of time in the stable or forest during the summer, you should prefer long-sleeved clothing. This is not an effective way to fight back. However, it is difficult for the insects to penetrate through thin layers of fabric. If possible, the pests deviate to lighter prey. Breathable sportswear can be worn in hot summer temperatures without getting uncomfortable. In addition to the flying bloodsuckers you repel ticks and mosquitoes.

Chemical and biological agents

ichneumon fly

Larks have a relatively short development time. Within four weeks, the next generation of pests will grow and make life difficult for humans and animals. Commercial agriculture often uses insecticides in such a case. Regardless of the quantity, however, the desired success remains. Flies are adaptable and quickly develop resistance to the chemical lobes. These can be passed on to their descendants. The purchase of insecticides is meaningless. Protect your wallet and try to fight the pests in a different way. An alternative to chemical products is, for example, the use of predators. The following animals will help you efficiently in decimating the biting flies:
  • parasitic wasps
  • lacewing larvae
  • birds
  • Hedgehog
Calf stingers are annoying bloodsuckers that add up to an extreme summer. The bloodsucking insects are diurnal and only a few measures have been proven against the pests. In order to defend itself successfully against the pest spirits, different control methods should be combined. In this way it is possible to minimize the population of parasitic insects. If, despite all precautionary measures, there is a prick, the person concerned should contact a doctor for suspicious symptoms.

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