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black aphids and ants

Black aphids are not only disgusting, but also pose a threat to garden and indoor plants dar. Although a plant does not necessarily perish on aphid infestation, but you should not even get on it. Immediate action is required. Because: If the infestation is detected in good time, the pests can be quite effective with proven home remedies fight. Insecticides do not need it. This protects the plant itself and, of course, the environment. It also saves money. This can effectively combat black aphids:

Pure water and water jet

The simplest way to combat aphids is by ordinary tap water. With it the animals can be washed from the plant. This works best in combination with a water jet. The pressure behind the jet literally flushes the small pests of leaves and stems. Outdoors you should resort to a garden hose with spray attachment. In the apartment, the shower head or the bath is suitable. The pressure should not be too strong, however, so as not to injure the plant itself. It is also important that as little water as possible gets into the soil. To avoid this, you either hold the plant at an angle or put the plant pot in a plastic bag, which is tied together on a stick. Of course, the water jet method works only at a very early stage when the aphid infestation is still low.
Tip: All plants outdoors or in the home should be checked regularly for an attack with aphids or other pests. We recommend a rhythm of two to three days. It is important to look at the leaf undersides and the stems. The rule is that the sooner an infestation is detected, the easier it is to combat it.


If spraying with a jet of water no longer helps, inevitably harder means must be resorted to. Here, especially the treatment of the plant with a soapy water offers. But should not be used for the commercial soap from the supermarket, but soft soap. This type of soap is a completely natural product that contains no chemical additives such as fragrances. The procedure is as follows:
  • The lye is mixed with a tablespoon of soft soap to one liter of water until the soap has completely dissolved
  • To increase the effect even more, a small dash of alcohol can be added
  • The resulting solution or lye is placed in a spray bottle and sprayed the plant completely until it drips properly
  • The underside of the leaves must not be forgotten, as aphids preferably stay here
  • Allow solution to work in and, if necessary, rinse with clear water after a few hours
With such a mixture of soapy water and spirit, you can kill the black aphids on the plant. The solution forms a fine film under which the animals suffocate without the plant being damaged. In terms of aphid control, it is one of the most effective remedies. The effectiveness of soapsuds is reflected not least in the fact that manufacturers now offer ready-made solutions that only need to be applied. However, it is much cheaper to simply touch the lye yourself.

Dish soap, rapeseed oil and milk

black aphids and ants

If you do not have a soft soap on hand, you can also use a dishwashing detergent, rapeseed oil and milk to combat black aphids. A very effective mixture of rapeseed oil and detergent has proven to be very effective:
  • For a medium-sized plant, mix about 90 milliliters of rapeseed oil with five liters of water and add a few drops of dish soap
  • Stir well several times
  • Refill the solution in a spray bottle and spray it vigorously from all sides
  • Do not forget the undersides of leaves, leaves and shoots
Similarly, the whole thing works with milk. Here you make a solution of 100 milliliters of milk and 200 milliliters of water, with which you spray the affected plant until it drips. Both methods cause the aphids to die. It may be that the process must be repeated after a few days, because not all animals could be reached. After the treatment, the plant must therefore be intensively controlled. Incidentally, even a pure detergent solution would work. About five milliliters of detergent are enough for half a liter of water.

Nettle and tobacco

If you are not satisfied with the methods for controlling aphids, you can also cook a highly effective brew of nettles or tobacco or cigarette residues. To make the nettle brew, part of the stinging nettle is mixed with ten parts of boiling water.Afterwards, the stinging nettles have to spend a good two days in the water. A heat supply is no longer necessary. After these two days, the leaves are then removed, the broth filled into the spray bottle and the plant sprayed generously with the solution again. It is important that there is no direct sunlight. This can cause ugly brown spots on the leaves in combination with the broth. So it's a good idea to work in the shade.
Nicotine is a very effective and completely natural poison for fighting plant pests of all kinds. To win it, simply cook up cigarette and tobacco remains until a brown broth is produced. This is then poured over a cloth or a very fine mesh screen to remove any solids. It follows again the use of the spray bottle.

Natural predators

Yes, even black aphids have enemies in nature, whom they serve as food. One speaks of so-called predators. The best known of these is the ladybug. In a healthy outdoor ecosystem, the population of ladybugs will automatically prevent the aphids from multiplying excessively. After all, a ladybird eats around 4,000 aphids in the course of its short life of about one month. The larvae of the beetles bring it in comparison, even on a respectable 800 copies. Just stupid that ladybugs in nature are becoming increasingly rare and also not settle in the apartment.
Those who still want to fight the black aphids in this really biological way, can buy the small beetles in the specialized trade and put on the affected plants. They are available in different denominations in small doses.
Tip: Put four, five ladybugs in a small paper bag and then carefully attach them to the plant with a clothespin. The animals free themselves and go on the hunt for the aphids.
Alternatively, you can of course also in the garden looking for ladybugs, capture them and then bring in the apartment. This is not recommended. First of all, this is a rather arduous affair and, secondly, the animals are then missing out in nature. The ladybug method is then something for specialists or botanists.

black aphids and ants

There is no question that black aphids can be perfectly combated without any chemicals or insecticides. For which one of the methods presented here for the control of aphids one chooses, of course, first of all depends on one's own sensitivities. The top tip is and remains the soapy water from soft soap. Uncomplicated and faster can not be a really effective means to destroy aphids sustainably, not produced. The application is very easy. The lye also protects the plant itself and virtually all animal beneficials. In short, soapsuds are the drug of choice for controlling aphids.
Significantly more complicated in comparison to the preparation of a nettle or Tabaksuds. The tobacco has also the disadvantage that it smells very unpleasant and therefore hardly suitable for use in closed rooms. After all, it can be used to properly dispose of tobacco and cigarette remains - provided you have a smoker in the family. Finally, if you want to rely entirely on a natural ecosystem in the home as well, ladybugs are strongly recommended. However, this is also associated with effort and costs. One should not forget that the small crawler must be constantly bought.
As already mentioned, the aphid control also applies: Wehret the beginnings. Always keeping an eye on your plants and regularly checking for possible pest infestation is the best precaution. In particular, it is important to take a close look at the undersides of the leaves and the shoots. At the first appearance of the uninvited guests you should immediately counter with a water shower to prevent worse. An aphid attack is by no means the death sentence for a plant. She survives even a loose dead leaf or brown tips. In time, the fight against the little beasts is no problem and also succeeds rather inexperienced plant lovers.

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