Planting Robinia - Important Notes on Planting Time, Location, Soil & Care

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You would like to get a robinia in the garden? Then you have to pay attention to a lot. After all, this is a pretty big tree.

Robinia grow up to 25 meters high

The robinia is a deciduous tree or a deciduous shrub. That depends on the variety.

If you choose the robinia tree, keep in mind that it can become very tall. The robinia can reach a height of up to 25 meters and a trunk circumference of up to one and a half meters. It is only suitable if you have a lot of space in the garden. In addition, Robinia grow quickly and are resistant. Because the leaves of the acacia are the same, Robinia is also called mock acacia, False acacia or because of the leaf coloring silver rain.

Timing for planting

Robinia is best planted in spring or autumn. If the robinia is planted in the spring, then it has enough time until autumn to grow up well. When it comes to container plants, you can also plant the robinia all year round, but the soil must be frost-free.

Location & ground

The most important prerequisites for the tree to develop well: a bright, wind-protected location and a nutrient-rich, loose soil are the best for the Robinia. It also grows on dry sand and gravel soils and on a nutrient-poor surface.

So plant the robinia properly

❶ First, check whether you really have enough space. Above all, the distance to the house wall and the neighboring property plays an important role. The final crown diameter can be up to ten meters. So you do not have to leave your tree then, from the beginning a large distance is important.

❷ Once the right location is found, you should tidy up the ground. If the soil is very dry and sandy, use fresh compost.

❸ Now lift the planting hole. It should be about twice the size of the root ball. Then insert the robinia so that the root projection is above the ground. Now fill the planting hole with soil and then water well.

❹ Help Robinie to grow safely by pinning the tree in the first two years. She has a better grip.

Care after planting

❍ pouring:

In the first weeks you have to water the robinia regularly. Later it is enough if you only water in midsummer or very dry soil. Robinia have a moderate need of water. Most of the time, the natural downpours are enough.

❍ Fertilize:

You can also fertilize the robinia when the first foliage shows up in spring. But that is not necessary. If you want to fertilize, use a liquid fertilizer every two weeks. From September / October, the robinia no longer needs fertilizer.

Attention, if you have children: All parts of the robinia are poisonous!

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