Growing Robinia - With seeds and Wurzelausläufern it works easily

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Robinia may multiply alone, but you can help if you want to have the plant in a specific location. There are two options available for sure success.

Growing Robinia - With seeds and Wurzelausläufern's easy

The robinia, also known as mock acacia, is a popular deciduous tree in the garden. Normally you do not need to do anything for the multiplication, because that makes the plant by seeds and Wurzelausläufer of all alone. Just to the places where it goes. If you would like to have the robinia in a specific place, then you can multiply it yourself. You can also use the above two options.

" But beware: The robinia belongs to the so-called neophytes. These are plants that have their origins in other, distant regions and show a strong increase. They tend to spread strongly. Native plants are then often displaced.

The natural reproduction of Robinia

After flowering, pods form with seeds. The pods are relatively heavy and usually land near the mother tree. At first glance, this does not seem to be widespread, but the seeds can germinate for up to 30 years. If the conditions are right - free locations, humidity and the sun - a more or less large Robinia plantation is quickly created.

A second way to propagation is the Robinia with its root foothills. The root shoots grow in all directions and quickly form new trees. Then it often comes to the displacement of other plants.

To multiply robinia seeds

The method is simple and safe. Pick some seed pods in autumn. They are mature from October, when they turn brown. Remove the seeds from the pod and keep them cool and dry until spring. In the spring is sowing time. The seeds have a thick and water-impermeable shell. Therefore, you must roughen or scrape the shells with sandpaper or a file. Then place the seeds in a jar and brew briefly with hot water. The hot water overcomes the so-called "germ inhibition". Then the seeds come in lukewarm water and must swell for a day until they have reached twice the size.

In the next step, place the seeds in seed soil, about five millimeters deep. Keep the soil evenly moist and place the pot in a light, moderately warm place. The seeds germinate after about a week. As soon as the seedlings are big enough, ie have several leaflets, you can separate the plants and put them into the open air after the last frost.

To multiply Robinia over root cuttings

This procedure works well. For this you cut root cuttings in spring or autumn. Suited are Wurzelausläufer with a strength from half a centimeter. The pieces should have a length of five to ten centimeters. Then put the root cuttings in pots with potting soil, about so deep that they look a little bit out of the ground. Keep the soil slightly damp and put the pots in a warm place. When the cuttings drift, they pour a little more.

Spring cuttings set after the ice saints into the open air. Autumn cuttings stay in the house until next spring. In a moderately warm location, they develop well and are strong enough in the spring for moving to the field.

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