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The salsify is not only rich in vitamins and nutrients, it also tastes delicious. How to grow and care for salsify, read here.

Black salsify is rich in vitamins and nutrients

The vitamin-rich salsify belongs to the oldest winter vegetables of our latitude. Unfortunately, it has fallen into oblivion in recent times, although it can be stored for a long time in cool basements (until the spring into it), is very wholesome and also has an extremely high nutritional value.

Their disadvantage is only in the cleaning of the vegetable stalk of the black shell, which hides a white, asparagus-like stem revealing a nutty flavor.

" Tip: Salsify for about a quarter of an hour in salted water with a little lemon juice before peeling. Keeps hands clean and simplifies cleaning - quenching with cold water for a short time! Then place in fresh vinegar or lemon water, so that no stains on the vegetables. In addition, you can also clean your fingers well with it.


" Location
For the cultivation of salsify a moist, well-loosened, humus-containing soil is necessary. The annual seed is already seeded in March, with the salsify preferring a sunny spot.

"Keep enough distance
It should also be noted that the seed grains are set far enough apart so that the roots do not interfere with each other's growth.

" Tip: Black salsify must never be grown after tomatoes or carrots. Combinations with cabbage, spinach or even salad are easily possible.


" To water
Black salsify needs a lot of moisture during growth, which is why they need to be watered regularly. If the soil is condensed by the moisture, it should always be loosened with the rake in between.

It is advisable to fertilize the salsify from time to time and always remove their flowers immediately.

From November, when the leaves wither slowly, their harvest can begin - until February. For this purpose, the roots must first be carefully dug with a spade from the ground, so they do not break. After that, the salsify can be pulled out of the ground relatively easily, wearing gloves.

If milky juice comes out of the root, this is a sign of absolute freshness. With which over the long winter months always fresh vegetables in the garden is available!

" Tip: In very cold winter months, the salsify can also be covered with straw to protect it a little from frost and voles.

"Possible diseases
Black salsify are susceptible to mild mildew or voles, which also enjoy the delicious taste of root vegetables.

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