Bleeding heart in the bucket: So it thrives well on the balcony and terrace

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The bleeding heart is not just for the garden. You can also plant it in a bucket and put it on the balcony or terrace. There are, however, a lot to note.

Bleeding hearts also thrive in the tub

The Bleeding Heart feels most comfortable in a partially shaded spot in the garden, but you can also plant the magical perennial in the tub, if you consider some conditions: A large pot, the right location and careful care make for a nice eye-catcher on the terrace or the balcony. So you ensure here, thanks to the beautiful flowers for a romantic atmosphere.

Clay pot, drainage and substrate

Large bucket made of clay is best suited, because clay is moisture-storing. This will prevent the plant and especially the rhizome from drying out too quickly. The bleeding heart forms thick roots, so-called rhizomes, which need plenty of space in the pot. A drainage layer on the base of gravel or expanded clay reduces the risk of waterlogging. Use a loose, humus rich soil enriched with compost and horn shavings.

The right place for bleeding hearts in the tub

The container plant may be in partial shade or in the sun. However, insolent sunshine is risky. A bright place on the wall with morning or afternoon sun is ideally suited. This gives the plant a good wind protection at the same time.

Pouring and fertilizing

As a container plant the bleeding heart needs a very good water supply. The earth should be kept moist all the time. Pour with stale water or rainwater. Make sure that there is no waterlogging!

From spring to autumn, the Bleeding Heart tolerates regular fertilizer. Well suited is a liquid fertilizer, which you add to the irrigation water. Fertilize approximately every three to four weeks, then the bleeding heart flowers abundantly in the tub. Bloomed flowers always cut off immediately. The foliage, on the other hand, will not be cut, as it moves in by itself.

So the bleeding heart is well through the winter

With a very good frost protection, the pot can stay outdoors. Wrap the bucket in straw, polystyrene, jute or bubble wrap. If you have a cool, bright place, for example in the unheated conservatory or greenhouse, the pot can also hibernate there. Frost protection is particularly important in the spring: Watch out for cold spells and cover especially the young shoots, if once again temperatures below zero.

When it gets tight in the bucket: share rhizome

At some point, the rhizomes fill the entire pot, then you have to intervene. They see it when the roots reach the surface of the earth. Take the whole plant out of the bucket in autumn and grab the knife or spade. You can not go wrong, because the rhizomes are quite robust and survive the division easily. On the one hand, the method is used for propagation, on the other hand, the plant will bloom again lush next year, if you re-use the split rhizome. Here are some other ways to increase your bleeding heart.

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