Prevent cabbage rot / brown rot with tomatoes

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Tomatoes are fun to grow, but not when infested with cabbage and brown rot. However, if you prevent it correctly, you should not have any problems with it.

Herb rot or brown rot in tomatoes

When the summer finally comes and the tomato plants produce yellow flowers, this makes the gardener's heart beat faster every year. Because then it will not be long before the plants carry small tomatoes. If they are finally there and develop quite well, the gardener is often bothered by a fungus. Because it often rains, the leaves of tomato plants can not dry. The result: the cabbage and brown rot is spreading.

Typical symptoms of cabbage and brown rot

An infestation with the cabbage and brown rot is usually very easy to recognize. Typical symptoms are brownish spots on the leaves and stems. In addition, the leaves on the underside are often also covered with fine mushroom hairs. A short time later, they turn completely brown until they completely wither. Once the leaves are invaded, it will not be long before the fruits are damaged. They turn brown and consumption is unthinkable. By the way, not only the ripe fruits are infested. Even the green tomatoes are not immune to the disease.

So you can prevent an infestation

Tip 1 - choose the right location:

Always plant the tomatoes in a sunny, sheltered place in the garden, so the leaves can always dry quickly after a rainstorm. So the tomato plants should not stand in the shade of larger plants.

In addition, only plant tomatoes in loose soil. This prevents you from the outset that waterlogging arises. Always use sand in very loamy soils.

Tip 2 - Tension the foil roof:

So that the leaves do not even get wet, it is advisable to stretch a foil roof or set up a tomato house. Thus, the tomatoes get enough sun, without moisture can reach the leaves.

Tip 3 - Do not plant tomatoes too closely:

Break leaves that are too close to each other. The tomato plant gets more air and light. Regular thinning of tomatoes is important.

In addition, always grow the tomatoes sufficiently far apart (60 to 100 cm). The closer the plants are together, the higher the risk that an infected tomato plant will infect the neighboring ones.

Tip 4 - always pour from below:

When you water the tomatoes, you only water the soil. The leaves and fruits should not get wet.

Tip 5 - Change location annually:

Grow tomatoes and potatoes elsewhere in the garden every year. The two vegetables are among the main host plants and the fungi often remain in the ground for several years. Always plant tomatoes and potatoes as far apart as possible.

Tip 6 - Disinfect buckets and tomato sticks:

Thoroughly clean planters and tomato stalks from the previous year, because the spores of the mushroom can overwinter over it. Just pour boiling water into the tubs and over the bars.

Tip 7 - remove infected parts immediately:

If you have discovered infected leaves or fruits, remove them immediately. Do not dispose of them over the compost but over the household waste.

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