The Content Of The Article: A log cabin is a building made of stacked tree trunks or beams. This design was developed in cold areas. One chose straights for a long time. These were provisionally treated and retained their round shape.
The most original type of log cabin construction is the Naturstammhaus. Available in Canada, Russia and the United States. In this log cabin construction, every home builder has a specific type of wood. Finns and Russians choose the pine tree, while spruce or fir trees are preferred in Austria, while the Swiss prefers silver fir.
The trunks should have just grown and care should be taken that they have little external damage. Before the logs are processed, they must be debarked. Previously, this was done with a goat knife or with water pressure. Today, a round planer is used in most cases. Experts have come to the conclusion that the best wood is the pine wood from the so-called Scandinavian forest belt.
Wood is a solid material that does not require additional insulation of the walls. Through slow and constant exchange of the finest cells, the exchange of filtered air between outside and inside is taken care of. The concentration of pollutants is demonstrably reduced. The statement, a log cabin is very expensive, is only conditionally. The costs result from size, equipment, execution. With
Own contribution can be saved here a lot, If one calculates with 800 to 1.500 euro building costs per square meter, lies a massive wooden house from industrial production in the cost frame of a building constructed in brick construction with the same equipment.
A solidly built and properly maintained wooden house like the log cabin can be many hundreds of years old. Even in design almost everything is possible. Different shapes and colors can be used in the facade design. Even all roof shapes are possible. Also in the floor plans, there are a variety of variants. There are no static requirements placed on the natural home, as already very small diameter sufficient. Depending on the type and size of the building, the diameter is approximately 35 to 45 cm, completely oversized, because from a biological viewpoint much smaller diameters were sufficient.
In a natural home house, good planning is very important for you
proper construction and limitless enjoyment of the house. When planning it is important to always remember that you are working with wood - an always-working material. All pipes must be fitted with flexible joints to ensure that all subsidence processes in the walls are attended. In order to avoid ugly lamination on the Innwänden, care should be taken during the electrical installation, the sufficient sockets, devices for television and telephone are available, because these lines are located in the joints or within the trunks.
The statement that massive wooden houses burn easily is not correct. Here, the same fire protection classes apply as in brick houses. The pine beams are naturally well saturated and do not burn brightly. They stew very slowly, the stability of the house is preserved for a long time. For most fires, the danger is more likely to be from flammable interior items.
The care of a wooden house is no more difficult than a brick house. Every 5 to 15 years a new facade painting. The site, which is particularly exposed to the weather, is painted several times. Since many people prefer the original way of life, the trend towards a massive log cabin is unmistakable. All requirements of near-natural life, such as energy saving are met here.
Massive wooden houses (log cabin) are damp and drafty. This statement must also be answered in the negative. Because, if she does
are made of round beams or squared timber beams, they are joined together in such a way that the joints are kept very tight. Many possibilities for improvement have been developed so far. In order to protect the base area of ​​the house from the roof overhang dripping rain water and splash water from the ground, they used to put the wooden house on a pedestal. Drip edges were milled into the wood.
However, a ballast bed, approx. 50 cm wide, turns out to be very effective around the house. The water can seep away quickly and there are no puddles. But in the present time you can of course protect the wood chemically. The classification requires here, for the woods the water or Erdkontakt stand a chemical wood protection. It can be said that log houses are a constant investment and are subject to comparable price increases as other houses.
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