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Between the spacious terrace and the lawn there is a wide, not yet planted bed of leaves, which is waiting to be colorfully designed.

Suggestion 1: Strong colors in the terrace bed

The owners of this garden want more momentum on the green area in front of their terrace, but do not want to have to look at opaque green walls. For this we recommend a harmonious height graduation in the bed, with which one achieves a decorative and at the same time loosely-appearing visual protection.

Terrace bed with height graduation

Our first design idea is a relaxed privacy, which results from height grading in the patio

Three enchanting red flower dogwoods stand out at the edges and at the corner. The ornamental shrubs reach a height of 5 meters and show their impressive pink bracts in May. The 'Eden Rose', named for the World Rose, is also blooming in pink. The filled scented flowers of the shrub rose in early summer to the top form. The bright purple-violet hydrangea 'Endless Summer', whose flower balls adorn far into the fall, also adds color to the patio bed. The main area of ​​the bed, however, belongs to the perennials: Violet-blue cranesbill 'Rozanne', white honorary prize and pink flowering autumn anemone grow next to the leaf stars purple bells and perennial leadwort, also known as Chinese leadwort. Lampenteregrass grass and flat-reddish dwarf barber berets loosen up the stowage combination.

Suggestion 2: Blooming privacy at the house

Sunflower yellow beds look cheerful and cheerful, especially when combined with white flowers. But before lady's mantle, daylily and spurge show their strengths, hornbeam hedges are planted offset in the terrace bed and give the plants the necessary structure.

Terrace hornbeam hedge as a screen

In our second design idea, a hornbeam hedge serves as a privacy screen

Thus, the whole structure of the bed looks more exciting, because the hedge is not the green tail light, but has a main appearance. It also provides an ideal stopping point for the white-flowering perennial clematis (Clematis recta), which can nestle against the hornbeam hedges. Already in February / March the bright yellow flowers of the Lenzrose ring in the garden year. In spring, the green-yellow spurge flowers glow in the heart of the beholder. From May, the bed is in lush green, gradually the flowers of lady's mantle, daylily, white willowherb and perennial clematis open. Whistling grass and the fat hen 'Herbstfreude' are starting to peak in August and, together with the berry-like fruit decoration of the man's blood, create a colorful picture.

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