Blue blossom dreams

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Blue onion plants give your garden a special charisma. In the twilight and in shady places they shine intensely. In addition, there are the blue spring messengers in countless fascinating flower forms. Some of them spread themselves and over time make beautiful carpets.
The color blue exerts a special fascination. Famous is the Blue Ribbon of Grape Hyacinths (Muscari), in front of which the visitors of the Keukenhof in the Netherlands stop every year in astonishment. It meanders like a river through lawns and tulips. Create yourself such an eye-catcher in your garden. In a flowerbed, mark a strip that you will be planting with blue-flowering hyacinths (Hyacinthus 'Delft Blue') or tulips (Tulipa 'Blue Parrot') for the next spring. Or you reserve a separate bedding area for blue crocuses, plant a shrub with snow shine (Chionodoxa) or plant a pot with prairie candles (Camassia).
You can also give your lawn a new look. Put grape hyacinths or crocuses in small groups. You can also put some blue scars (Scilla siberica) scattered in the grass at the foot of a tree.

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