Cutting blue rain - but how?

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Wisteria is a fast growing climber

Wisteria is a fast-growing climber and is therefore often used as a screen or natural canopy. But the most beautiful thing is the long, down-hanging and fragrant flowers that conjure up a flower roof in May and June. But so that he can bloom lush, you have to Cutting blue rain.

Cutting main drives annually
Only a few main shoots should be used, because it develops side shoots, which then form the flowers. Main shoots can be cut back several meters per year, depending on how big the blue rain should be.

Shorten side shoots to 30 cm
The side shoots, which remain standing, are also shortened to about 30 centimeters. These side shoots should again be shortened the following year. Ten centimeters but should at least stand still.

It is cut in summer, before budding. However, one can also take a more radical approach by removing the young shoots and formed leaves. As a result, short shoots are increasingly formed, which grow quickly and flower buds form. In summer, the already mentioned main section will be done. So the wisteria is not only dense and large, but also pleases one with many flowers.

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