Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works

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A beautiful bouquet exudes good mood. It looks even better if you bind the bouquet yourself. If you have already laid the foundation for a wildflower meadow in the spring by applying a seed mixture, you can even tie a colorful bouquet in the summer. We'll show you how it's done.

Freshly picked are marigolds, zinnias, phloxes, daisies, cornflowers, bluebells and some cut green for binding a bouquet of flowers. Before binding to the bouquet, the stems are cut with a sharp knife and any leaves that would otherwise be in the vase water are removed.

How to tie a bouquet of flowers

Put together bouquet

Always put flower stems in the same direction

Ringel and cornflowers form the beginning. Hold each new flower at the bottom and place it diagonally on the already existing bouquet. The flower stems should always be in the same direction. This keeps the flowers almost by itself and a good supply of water in the vase is thus guaranteed later. Add all the other ingredients in this way, always turning the bouquet a little bit further. Finally, check that the bouquet has a harmonious shape.

Tie together bouquet

Shorten stalks

Tie the bouquet together (left) and shorten the stems (right)

When the bouquet is ready, it is tied tightly with a 20 to 30 centimeter long bast band. Use a pair of sharp scissors to shorten the stems to a uniform length so that they stand well in the vase.

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Red roses for your wedding day or a pretty bouquet for your birthday - flowers make you happy. The British online florist "Bloom & Wild" offers a completely new approach: In addition to conventionally tied bouquets, creative flower boxes can also be ordered individually or by subscription. Here flowers and accessories can be arranged according to your own ideas. Since its foundation in 2013, the company has been supplying its customers in the UK and now also in Germany.

The most beautiful ideas for self-bound bouquets

Bouquet with snapdragons

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Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: flower

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: bouquets

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: flowers


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Rural bouquets

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: bouquet

Snapdragons, together with fennel flowers, make a quick table decoration in small glasses that have been spiced up with a wool thread as a banderole

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: yourself

The yellow buttons of the tansy as well as the flower baskets of the Goldenrod stand out visually beautifully from Wasserdost, Wilder Karde and Wilder carrot. True to style, the bouquet is presented in a jug in rattan optics. Often these plants are found on the path and meadow edge.
Tip: The yellow tansy flowers can also be wonderfully wrapped around a heart of wire

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: bouquets

Red, yellow and white make a nice triad here. The red of Burning Love stands out - also called the Maltese Cross. It is accompanied by chamomile, yarrow, mallow and a delicate lady's mantle

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: bouquet

The flowers of nasturtium, borage, dill and beans glow colorfully over individual green leaves. Everything is arranged loosely in a pot

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: yourself

Monochrome bouquets have their own special charm. The blossoms of the musk-mallow between the grass ears glow close together

Tie bouquets yourself: That's how it works: flowers

The stalks of the fountain grass and the barley are light and airy. Maiden in the open, summer larkspur and scabious leave a splash of color in the decorated zinc pots

Bouquet with snapdragons

Bouquet in yellow

Bouquet in red, yellow and white

Bouquet with nasturtium

Bouquet with musk mallow

Bouquet with grasses

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