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A bonsai is known to be a very dependent plant. Such a small bonsai really needs a lot of attention and, above all, the right care. If you do not give the bonsai the benefits it needs, you will quickly realize that it will be on its side sooner rather than later.
So, if you buy a bonsai now, then you should be aware that this is not done with simple watering, once a week. Which brings us to the most important basis for the successful breeding of a bonsai: the casting! As already mentioned, a bonsai needs much more attention than other plants in this regard. If the bonsai is neglected, then he forgives this only with good luck. First of all you should use stagnant, low-limp water or rainwater for casting. You should never let the bonsai dry out, because the roots just can not handle it. However, you should never let the soil get really wet, because you run the risk that the roots start to rot and the tree comes in. So it's not so easy to find the right middle ground. A bonsai should, in the summer months, be poured best in the morning and evening once. If you have a bonsai in the garden, then you should set it up in a shady corner if possible. So you can prevent that you have to pour all too often. Too frequent watering would deplete the soil of too many nutrients. In winter the bonsai does not need that much water. If you have the bonsai in the apartment, so this is very grateful for a regular spraying with water. This can counteract the often low humidity (dry heating air).
For a garden bonsai to look like a bonsai you first have to put it in the typical shape. This is done by bending and tensioning the trunk and branches with wires. The so-called wire is usually used during the growth phases in spring or summer. The special bonsai wires are wound around the trunk or the branches. You can bend the branches into the desired shape without them breaking off. It should be noted that while the wires are firmly against the trunk or branch, but should never cut into the bark. The wires are usually removed after about 3 months. How long you leave such a wire exactly on the bonsai depends entirely on its growth strength. Especially bonsai that are outdoors, you should keep an eye on. These grow in fact faster than their conspecifics in the apartment. If you leave a wire on the bonsai too long, then it may be that it grows. An unforgivable mistake!
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But not only the wire is crucial for the typical look of a bonsai. Only with the right cut you give the bonsai its characteristic shape. To give your bonsai the right cut, it takes a lot of rest and a precise planning. Now that you have already determined the growth direction of the branches and trunk through the wire, you now have to do to the design of the treetop. However, one should wait for the right moment. The best time for a cut is June. This month you can dare both the leaves and the branches (especially the thicker branches).
It's not easy to care for a bonsai, but if you do it right, you can enjoy it for a long time.

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