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Probably everyone has already made the acquaintance with unpleasant pests in his garden. Also various plant diseases often make life difficult even for the most careful and attentive gardener. It usually does not matter if the plants are outdoors, in the greenhouse or even in the apartment. There is no place where plants can be completely protected from harmful influences. And it is all the more annoying when, in fact, the well-kept seedlings fall victim to annoying pests or a deceitful plant disease.
But really annoying, such diseases and pests can become bonsai. After all, such a bonsai needs incredible dedication to daily care anyway. Such a bonsai is actually already a small work of art, which was created by its owner in painstaking detail work. Therefore, you should take special care in these delicate plants that they are protected from pests and diseases.
Extremely light victims of plant diseases and harmful insects are the bonsai that have found their place outdoors.
A pest that likes to settle on bonsai is the aphid. These annoying insects eat away the leaves that have been trimmed down in a bonsai, and in the worst case do not leave much of the bonsai left over. And if the aphid has not completely eaten the bonsai, and this can still be preserved with effort and hardship, then at least you can see nothing of the former splendor that has been artfully produced. To combat this pest you can, as for other plants, use conventional control agents from the garden center.
Another louse, the louse, also causes great damage to the bonsai. For these insects, stubborn control is required. If you have found this pest on his bonsai, then you should treat the leaves before they expel in the spring. An effective remedy here is simple rapeseed oil. It is also worthwhile if you wash off the affected bonsai with a sprayer (with water) before it is expelled. If you recognize the lice infestation only when they are already on the leaves, then you should read them before you use a control agent, with your hands. This is expensive but useful. For actual control can then use again a commercial remedy for these pests.
In addition to these, and many other pests, the bonsai can of course be haunted by various plant diseases. In the case of bonsai, too much can not be done to prevent it, except to make sure that the plant is always provided with the right conditions. A disease that can be quite difficult with proper bonsai care is powdery mildew. If you make sure that the bonsai is not too moist, you can minimize the risk that the bonsai will suffer from this disease. The powdery mildew, which gradually leaves the leaves to die off, can be treated well with a product from the garden center. This also applies to the many different fungal diseases in which such a small bonsai can fall ill.
In general, the better the conditions, the lower the risk of the bonsai being infested by pests or becoming ill. But if that is the case, then with a quick action you have the best chance of getting the bonsai healthy again.

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