Bonsai loses all leaves: Causes & Treatment Tips

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If the beloved bonsai loses its leaves, it can have several causes. Sometimes care mistakes are responsible. These can be fixed quickly and easily.

Bonsai loses all leaves: Causes & Treatment Tips

When all leaves suddenly fall off a plant, that's a huge shock to the garden friend. Of course, the owner wonders why this is so. Especially with bonsai, this can have different causes. Often it is not that bad and can be fixed relatively quickly.

It is important that you do not act rashly and throw the plant in the trash. First, first go to root cause research. The following overview of the four most common causes and treatment tips will help you to assess the situation correctly. But if it does not get better, you can still break up.

The 4 most common causes of falling bonsai leaves & possible treatment tips

1. Bonsai loses leaves after purchase or relocation

If the bonsai loses its leaves immediately after purchase or relocation, it usually involves normal metabolic adjustments. The combination of higher temperatures and less light leads to a mismatch of energy consumption and energy.

The bonsai responds by shedding all leaves that consume more energy than they supply to the bonsai.


Place the bonsai in a place that is as bright and not too warm as possible in the apartment. The windowsill in an unheated hallway or staircase is very good. The sheet shedding ends after the repeated relocation expected very soon.

2. Bonsai loses leaves due to lack of water

Especially in the hot season dry the flat bonsai bowls quickly. Acute dehydration is the result. The bonsai reacts to it in extreme cases within one day with hanging leaves, which he throws off quickly. As a sensible immediate measure, the dip offers.


Place the bonsai with the skin in lukewarm water and wait until no more bubbles appear. The water must be able to drain unhindered after the dipping bath. In the aftermath pour the bonsai more regularly, preferably in the morning and at high temperatures in the evening.

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3. Bonsai loses leaves through nutrient salts

Many fertilizers contain more nutrient salts than are good for bonsai. An oversupply of these salts causes water to escape from the roots in an osmosis process. Strong osmosis eventually causes the roots to die off and the bonsai begins to shed its leaves.


Replacing the substrate in the bonsai bowl will help you immediately. Then switch to organic fertilizer. How to fertilize properly, read here.

4. Bonsai loses leaves in autumn

The full leaf shedding in autumn is completely normal for deciduous trees, even if it is a bonsai. You do not have to worry. Needle bonsai lose some of the needles in autumn. After how many years this partial discharge starts depends on the type of tree. For example, with a black pine, it may take eight years for the renewal to commence.

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