Maintain bonsai properly

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Who wants to get some Far Eastern flair in the garden or the apartment, is best advised with a bonsai. Only those who care for him properly will enjoy him for a long time.

Maintain bonsai properly

That so many fans of the little bonsai trees are, is not really a miracle. After all, they look lovely and are in no way inferior to their big brothers. So you adorn our windowsills and also on the terrace or the balcony make a good figure. Of course, that does not happen all by itself. If you think that bonsais do not grow and you do not have to cut them accordingly, you are mistaken. Even these small trees need a regular pruning. And not only that. Of course, bonsai trees also need water and fertilizer.

The most important care measures at a glance

❖ Water bonsai:

Of course, to make bonsai develop splendidly, they need some water. But you can not start pouring now. For bonsai trees you have to pay attention to a few things when it comes to casting:

  • The bonsai pot may not completely dry out.
  • There must be no waterlogging.
  • The flatter the shell, the more often you have to water.
  • The warmer it is, the more water the plant needs.
  • Always use rainwater for pouring.

When is the right time to pour, you can easily find out for yourself. As? With the finger test. Insert a finger into the substrate. Feel no moisture, you have to provide the bonsai with water.

❖ Fertilize bonsai:

The growing season of bonsai is between spring and late summer. During this time, you should fertilize your bonsai regularly. It is best to follow the instructions of the fertilizer manufacturer. However, from spring to late autumn, always d lower a little.

You can fertilize your trees with a proper Bonsai fertilizer. But you can also resort to a normal fertilizer for green plants (for example, available here).

❖ Cut bonsai:

How you have to cut a bonsai always depends on the variety. Find out here best when buying directly from the plant dealer on the cutting measures.

However, there are some basic rules that apply to all bonsai species. So must:

  • all branches that move inwards towards the crown are cut off
  • small thin branches that grow out of the trunk are cut down
  • unnaturally bent branches are removed
  • strong shoots always obliquely, just above the bud, to be cut off
  • weak shoots are cut at right angles to the direction of growth

Many think that you only have to cut the bonsai above ground, but also the roots have to be cut. The cut of the roots should always be in balance with the cut of the crowns. That is, as much as you cut off above, you also have to cut off below. After the cut you should put the bonsai back in its special bowl. This is what you do:

  1. First you should fill a drainage layer of gravel or grit into the planter.
  2. Now you can put the freshly cut bonsai in the bowl.
  3. Then fill up everything with Bonsaierde.
  4. At the top comes a cover layer of moss, gravel or mulch.

If you follow all these care measures, you will enjoy your bonsai tree for a long time.

If you already cut the bonsai, you can also multiply it right away. You can find out how it works here.

Video Board: Indoor Bonsai Care.

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