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You need something to browse or give away again? Then have a look in our book corner! Here you will find selected book tips on topics such as garden design, plant care, garden travel and culture.

Book tips in the August issue: issue

Ms. Ed. Susann Hayn

Welcome to our Books corner!
Every day new books are published - keeping track is almost impossible. Editor Susann Hayn scours through the book market for you every month and introduces you to the best works around the garden. You can order the books online directly from this page.

Garden rounds. Insights into a garden

Book tips in the August issue: August

Foreign gardens are always exciting, because they offer many suggestions for your own green. Brigitte Hiti gives an insight into her 4000 square meter garden and its diverse flora. The focus is on the author of the numerous woody plants that thrive on their property. For these you get not only care tips, but also information about the origin and cultural history of plants.
Weishaupt Verlag, 176 pages; 38,70 euros
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Manual garden ponds

Book tips in the August issue: August

In the new edition of the handbook, a team of experts will explain how to best design a pond or creek, from planning to final planting. The required technology, such as pumps and filters, is explained and the most important plants are presented in a portrait. A detailed chapter deals with wildlife in and around the water such as fish, dragonflies and frogs.
KOSMOS Verlag, 256 pages; 24,90 Euro
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Basil, the taste of the south

Book tips in the August issue: book

Basil is one of the most popular aromatic plants. But only a few know how diverse the plant is. Herbalist Herbert Vinken presents about 40 different annual and perennial varieties, which differ not only in appearance but also in their aroma. He also gives numerous tips on cultivation and harvesting. Selected basil recipes from classic pesto to fish curry and ice parfait complete the work.
BVL Verlag, 96 pages; 12,95 Euro
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Between garden grasses

Book tips in the August issue: issue

In the USA, the garden architect Wolfgang Oehme (born in 1930), who comes from Germany, is one of the best-known of his guild. His trademark is prairie-like beds in which grasses play a role. The garden journalist Stefan Leppert presents the extensive life's work of the garden architect. The atmospheric pictures give a nice overview of the gardens that Wolfgang Oehme created in the approximately 50 years of his work in America.
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, 144 pages; 39.95 euros
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