Boxwood Borer - How to Fight the Pest

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Kahlfrass through the boxwood borer

Each of the box trees in the garden knows that these can be beautiful, especially if they are already very large or grown together in a hedge, but box trees are also very vulnerable and can easily come in.

He does not like it too dry, too moist either and then it is also a fungus to blame that often whole trees are brown and die. But to make matters worse, there is another pest in addition: the so-called cydalima perspectalis.

The caterpillar multiplies several times a year
It is a Caterpillarwhich multiplies several times a year and thus can permanently damage the tree. Wintering takes place inside the book plant.

Collect caterpillars
You should already examine the trees in the spring. If you discover caterpillars that spin on the boxwood, then collect these caterpillars and fight The tree with pest-free.

Alternatively, cut the boxwood
Alternatively you can cut the boxwood at the places where the caterpillars multiply.

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