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The Bougainvillea, also called triple flower, belongs to the family of the miraculous plants (Nyctaginaceae). The tropical climbing shrub originally came from the forests of Ecuador and Brazil. Due to its high sensitivity to frost, it is only suitable for pot culture - and it is very popular. No wonder, with the exceptionally pretty flowers and richly colored bracts that show up almost the entire summer. If you do not have a temperate winter garden, there is a lot to consider when hibernating the bougainvillea.

So hibernate your bougainvillea properly

Since bougainvillea are very sensitive to frost, they must necessarily move early to a suitable winter quarters. It is important that you cut back the branches vigorously, so that the plant no longer puts unnecessary energy into flowers that have withered. This is especially good in the fall, as most species of the miracle plant now lose their leaves anyway.

Cutting bougainvillea

Before it goes to winter quarters, the bougainvillea is cut back

The right location

For hibernation, a bright location with temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius is ideal. The bougainvillea should not be colder in any case! Also make sure that the planter is not on too cold ground. If you place the pot on a stone floor, you should always place a layer of Styrofoam or a wooden board, so that the cold can not penetrate from below into the root ball. Bougainvillea glabra and their cultivars shed all leaves in the winter, so they can stand a little bit darker. A shady location is not suitable.

Care during the hibernation

Bougainvillea spectabilis

The Bougainvillea spectabilis must also be watered regularly in winter quarters

In winter, the Bougainvillea almost completely loses its leaves, depending on the species, especially if it does not get enough light. But that is part of their normal behavior and is not a cause for concern: In the spring, the leaves go out again. Pour just enough water during the winter so that the substrate does not dry out completely. An exception is the Bougainvillea spectabilis, which must be watered regularly even in winter, albeit slightly less than during the rest of the year. Check regularly for spider mites and scale insects, as they occur more frequently in winter quarters.

The move to the summer quarter

From March Bougainvillea can be slowly accustomed to warmer temperatures again. Start with 14 to 16 degrees Celsius room temperature. With sufficient light and sun, they then quickly start to form new leaves and flowers and can be put back in their usual full sun.

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