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Bougainvillea winter properly: plant

Although the flower itself is relatively inconspicuous, the plant visually captivates through the bracts, which surround the flowers and which can be present in different colors of yellow over red and white to purple or orange on the plant. It is important to know that the plant can tolerate absolutely no frost, despite its undemanding nature. Therefore, the bougainvillea should be one of the first plants that is wintered in the cold season.

The wintering of the climbing plant

Important for the wintering of the plant is that you have a room that is frost-free on the one hand, but on the other hand, on the other hand, provides a cold climate for the plant. Darkness is not a problem for this plant because the plant sheds its leaves in hibernation and therefore does not rely on light for photosynthesis.
It is important that the Bougainvillea is absolutely not fertilized in the winter phase. Water needs very little, that is, you should just pour so much that the earth does not dry out.
If you do not have access to the cold and dark, frost-free wintering room for the climbing plant, you can also overwinter the plant in a room with a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius - for example, in the conservatory. The drawback, however, is that the plant may not completely shed its leaves in warmer climates and may even bloom over the winter. This costs the plant a lot of strength, so that possibly in the following summer, no optimal flowering wealth is achieved. The more peace this plant species has in winter, the more power it can draw for a subsequent flowering summer.

The transition to spring

Very early in the spring, when it is frost-free, the bougainvillea is put back in a bright place, which is also pleasantly warm. The plant then quickly starts to drive out again. Even if the Bougainvillea looks a bit tired and does not look very attractive after hibernation, do not worry. The plant quickly regains its strength, grows and flowers again.

Treble flower - Bougainvillea

In the new shoot you can support the plant very well. An intensive pruning promotes growth enormously. If the plant in the bucket has become very large over the summer or if only limited space is available in the winter quarters, intensive pruning can also be done in autumn. The plant also thanks the autumn pruning with an intensive renewal in spring. When the plant expels the first leaves, the fertilizer is started again and it also gets much more water again than in the hibernation.
It is also important when taking out the Bougainvillea from the hibernation, that it is remembered that in the spring there is still a risk of night frost. Under no circumstances should the plant get the frost because it means death for the Bougainvillea. You can definitely go for a roll out, if you wait for the ice saints in mid-May.
Stewing time is always the spring for the bougainvillea. However, you should repot only when the plant subsides in their first flowering something. The background is that the roots of the plant are very sensitive and because the plant is all the more beautiful the less space there is for roots.

Key points

  • absolutely does not tolerate frost!
  • dark and cold, frost-free room ideal for wintering
  • Higher hibernation is possible, but the plant takes the power for abundance of flowers in the summer
  • Intensive pruning in spring or autumn promotes the re-emergence
  • Umtopfzeit is the spring after the first intensive flowering

Care tips for the Bougainvillea

  • The bougainvillea blooms several times a year if regularly cut back. A good time for this has come when the colored bracts become dry. The new shoots are shortened by half and then form new branches with many other flowers.

  • Because the bougainvillea is very cut tolerant, it can easily be brought into a desired shape. A Hochstämmchen should be cut about every four weeks, so that the shape is preserved and form as many branches.

  • A Bougainvillea should be poured only moderately, because otherwise it forms very many shoots and only a few flowers. In addition, she needs a sunny, but protected from rain and wind place.

Overall, the Bougainvillea is a very beautiful and intensely flowering plant, which is also relatively easy to care for. But especially during the winter, the Bougainvillea shows something sensitive and especially frost means for the plant the immediate end. If one adheres to the few but very important care rules for the winter, one can enjoy the climbing plant for a long time.

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