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Recently it was time to say goodbye to our two year old bookballs. Although with a heavy heart, because we got them once for the christening of our today almost 17-year-old daughter, but now it had to be. Here in the Baden winegrowing region, as in the entire south of Germany, the boxwood cedar has been raging for years, or rather its green-yellow-black larvae, which nibble on the leaves in a well-protected manner inside the shrub. They transform the shrub into an unsightly framework of twigs and a few dull leaves.

After several years of trying to remove the larvae from the shrubs by pruning and picking them up, we now wanted to draw a line, as larvae were once again in the book.

Beate Leufen-Bohlsen

Beate Leufen-Bohlsen, MY Editor

No sooner said than done: First we cut the branches of the book with the pruning shears and the scissors on the base to dig with the spade better near the roots. Pricking out the root ball and levering it out with the spade was comparatively easy. We also cleared a book hedge about 2.50 meters long and 80 centimeters high on the terrace on the same day - it had also become unsightly due to the repeated fungal infestation.

Cut back the boxwood

In order to better excavate the book ball, we first cut off the branches

Root remnants and clippings wandered into large garden garbage bags - we wanted to bring them to the green waste landfill the next day, so that the larvae do not emigrate to the neighbors. Probably in search of new, intact bushes they climbed out of the bags and also up the front of the house - a caterpillar even reached the first floor! Others roped from a garden sack to the ground by a spiderweb and went there in search of food. Unsuccessful, as we saw with glee. For we really did not have any sympathy for these greedy larvae.

cleared boxwood

Done! The book ball is cleared. A bit hurts us this sight already

Relief spreads - finally the Z├╝nslerplage is done for us. But now must replacement ago. We therefore planted two small evergreen, shadow-tolerant shadow bells (Pieris) on the vacant space in the front garden bed, which we want to raise to spherical shape by cutting. Hopefully they will be as tall as their predecessors. And at the edge of the terrace, a small hedge of Portuguese laurel cherry (Prunus lusitanicus) is now growing.

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