Cut boxwood - you have to pay attention

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By a regular cut it grows more compact

Whether solitary standing or created as a hedge, the boxwood is often found in German gardens. The book is a plant where you have to know that it grows very slowly.

If you expect a big boxwood quickly, you will not be happy here. He grows just 15 inches per year. And although it only grows so little, it should be cut regularly. By regular cut he will be in shape brought and then grows compact and dense - without foothills.

When should you cut a boxwood?

In the first three years you should cut up to four times a year. Always cut off the shoots that shoot out. If the book has become larger and more compact over the years, one cut per year is sufficient. Best between May and July.

Make sure that there is no night frost, which could damage the boxwood. Those who follow these guidelines will be able to enjoy a healthy book that has been perfected.

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