Cut the bramble bush - That's how it works

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The bramble bush needs care

Everyone loves them, everyone likes to nibble them and they like being seen in many gardens: many like to eat blackberries for their lives. But the bramble you have to to cut and care for it to bear many fruits.

  1. A bramble must be cut again and again. Otherwise it grows too strong, which not only can look ugly, but also causes it to bear less fruit.
  2. That is, shorten long rods to two to two and a half meters, they should not be longer.
  3. Since new shoots always grow out of the ground, you should also reduce these. Pretending a number does not make sense because each shrub is different. Here, a sense of proportion is required.
  4. The shoots bearing fruit are removed immediately after harvesting. If you live in areas where cold winters prevail, you can still remove the rods in the spring. Of the shoots that grew out of the soil in the previous year, you will then be able to reap fruits in the following year.

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