Maintain broccoli - plant, pour and fertilize

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Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables ever, which is why it should not be missing in any garden. Here you will find out how to create ideal cultivation conditions and how to care for them properly.

Cultivate broccoli

Who thinks that it is difficult to grow broccoli yourself, is mistaken. This is actually a breeze. The great thing is to plant different kinds of broccoli, then you can enjoy fresh broccoli from your own garden for half a year. But you have to create the right cultivation conditions and properly cultivate the broccoli.

The right soil for broccoli

Broccoli is dependent on a generous nutrient supply in the soil. Loose, humid soils with good water permeability offer optimum conditions for healthy growth. With loamy soil, broccoli also copes very well. To prevent condensation of the clay, you can mix some sand into the ground at the planting site.

At pH, broccoli is quite demanding. An acidic substrate with a pH of six or less does not get the plants. It also increases susceptibility to various pests. With lime, however, the problem can easily be dealt with. Moderate liming offers the additional benefit of removing nutrients in the soil and making them available to broccoli. However, you should regularly add fresh humus to limed soil so that the soil does not leach out in the long term.

The perfect location for broccoli

Broccoli likes warm, full sun and wind protected locations. Do not sow dense rows, but put together a mixed culture: For example, with peas, beans, cucumbers and Swiss chard. This form of cultivation is not only beneficial to the soil, it also protects every single broccoli from the spread of disease. Keyword Kohlhernie and downy mildew.

Pour broccoli and fertilize

Broccoli has a high water requirement and must be watered regularly. In dry summer months best daily. Always pour the water directly onto the ground with the watering can. The plants themselves should stay as dry as possible. Moist broccoli attracts harmful fungi like a magnet.

As a fertilizer, it is best to add fresh compost soil enriched with horny chips between the plants. Mulch also promotes the growth of broccoli. If you make the effort and regularly apply nettle, then the plants accept this grateful.

Harvest broccoli several times a year

Broccoli is harvested only once a year. However, a variety of different varieties with different maturation times are now available. You can prefer the earliest varieties in the house or greenhouse as early as February, put them in the open at the end of April and harvest them in May. The latest varieties sow directly from the bed in June and harvest in October. If you do it skillfully, enjoy half a year of fresh broccoli from your own garden. Here is another reading tip: harvest broccoli and store it properly - explained step by step.

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