Planting broccoli - You have to take this into account when choosing a location, sowing and care

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If you think it's hard to grow broccoli in your own garden, you're wrong. This is actually a breeze. You do not even have to pay much attention.

Broccoli is easy to grow

Broccoli, also called asparagus cabbage, is an aromatic and very healthy cabbage, which still tastes best from home grown. So why not try it and plant broccoli in your own garden? Do not worry, broccoli is very undemanding and does not need too much care. If you choose the right location, then you already have half the rent.

Location and soil for broccoli

The vegetables need a sheltered and sunny place. The soil should be loamy, nutrient-rich and alkaline. With compost and lime you can additionally improve the soil quality. Loosen the soil well and mix some vegetable fertilizer if necessary. Note that in the bed before no cabbage may be grown. This will prevent possible cabbage pests from spreading like white flies on the broccoli.

So plant broccoli properly

Auss Sow broccoli in the bed:

If you want to sow the broccoli directly in the bed, you can do it from the end of April. At a loose distance, squeeze the seeds into the ground about one centimeter deep. After soaking, separate the young plants, leaving a distance of about 40 centimeters.

Vor Prefer broccoli in the house:

Alternatively, you can prefer the plants in the house at the beginning of March. For this you need broccoli seeds, seed pots and potting soil. The right place is on a sunny windowsill, in the greenhouse or in the cold frame. Keep the cold frame mostly closed and open it only for airing and watering now and then. In addition, you should always keep the seedbed soil with the seeds slightly moist. After the plants have risen, separate the young broccoli.

Robust broccoli plants are also available in stores if you want to save a little work.

From May, when the broccoli seedlings are about ten centimeters high, they are allowed to go outdoors. Pay attention to a planting distance of 40 to 50 centimeters, so that the plants can spread well. Also protect the young plants with a vegetable net from pests.

This is how to properly cultivate the broccoli plantlets

Broccoli plants need moisture regularly, but please do not over-pour, because the clay soil stores the water well. The good: a substrate that is always moist keeps fleas off the ground. To prevent the root area from drying out, it is best to cover it with a layer of mulch.

Watch the Growth: When the broccoli grow well, the soil contains enough nutrients. Otherwise, you can help with a biological liquid fertilizer for vegetables in the irrigation water.

Plant several times, harvest more often

From about mid-July you can harvest the broccoli. Remove only the middle, thickened bud, then the side shoots continue to grow well. If you plant broccoli several times, there is a rich harvest until the onset of winter. You can even leave perennial varieties as they last for about three years. After the planting phase of three years you should change the vegetable variety at the same location, however!

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