Broccoli: To detect and fight cabbages, cabbage hernia and downy mildew

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Growing broccoli in the garden is not difficult. The cultivation makes one really only difficult diseases and pests. Then it's time to act immediately.

Cabbage fly, cabbage hernia and downy mildew can cause broccoli

Broccoli is not only delicious and healthy, but unfortunately also prone to various pests and diseases. Cabbage flying, cabbage hernia and downy mildew are causing the vegetables in our latitudes particularly often to create. Here we explain what to do, so that infestation or disease does not even occur.

coal fly

Poor growth and fast wilting leaves may indicate an attack of broccoli by cabbage flies. These pests lay their eggs in the roots and at the bottom of the strunk. If suspected, pull a broccoli out of the ground. Depending on the stage of the infestation, they recognize the MadengΓ€nge, the white maggots or the brownish dolls of the cabbage fly.

➜ Control:

Unfortunately, private garden owners have no approved effective means of controlling these dangerous pests. However, you can take appropriate precautionary measures for next year. Close-meshed vegetable protection nets (available here) offer e.g. effective protection.

If you refuse the nets for optical reasons, you can use cabbage collar, which are cheap in the garden trade available. These block the cabbages fly their way to their preferred places of oviposition. A similar effect can be achieved if you pile soil around the stem of young plants.


The Kohlhernie is a widespread disease of the broccoli, which is caused by an infestation of the pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae. The fungus lives in the soil and ensures proliferating cell growth in the roots, which is easily recognizable by clearly nodular thickening. Other symptoms include withered leaves and a meager stature.

➜ Control:

The Kohlhernie bend you best by a not too close crop rotation in the vegetable bed. Also loosen the soil regularly and lower the pH of the soil by adding lime.

Wrong mildew

Downy mildew is caused by the fungus Peronospora parasitica. The disease can be recognized by a bright mushroom turf on the underside of the leaves. In the later stage of infestation, the fungus also attacks the "roses" and the tops of the leaves turn yellowish.

➜ Control:

Prevent the disease with the right casting technique. Always pour the soil directly around the plants, never the leaves. In addition, the spread of the fungus can be prevented by planting your broccoli in mixed culture and, in addition, keeping generous planting distances. Reading tip: Planting broccoli - You have to take this into account when choosing a location, sowing and care.

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