Correct brown leaf tips on houseplants

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Especially in winter, brown leaf tips often show up

When the cold season starts again, many show houseplantsthat you had in the garden during the summer brown leaves, Especially the leaf tips become very brown and dry here.

However, this is primarily due to the heating air, because straight palm trees or dragon trees need a lot of humidity. This is less given in winter. Since the humidity should be at least 50 to 70 percent, you have to help yourself here something.

Increase the humidity

A measure here would be, for example, spraying the plants with boiled cold water, or setting up small water bowls or room wells. Thus one increases the humidity for the plants and gets at the same time a better room climate. If you also add a few drops of lavender oil, you can also prevent a pest infestation at the same time.

Palm trees want to keep it warm

Especially palm trees should not be cool in the winter and you should bring them back inside as soon as possible, because already the first nights with frost could harm the plants.

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