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If you own a garden, you should definitely treat yourself to a little luxury, luxury, to which your garden will help you with a small amount of work.
This luxury means: Fresh herbs, which grow directly in front of the kitchen door and wander from there always with pleasure and in your food. To build and design a bed of beet, there is one best practice and several options:
Create herbal bed - the most important thing soon
1. Find the right place for the herb bed - It is best to place the herb bed as close to the kitchen as possible, of course. However, before you decide to plant your herbal bed right here, you should make a list of the herbs you want to grow in the herb bed and then check the location to see if it can meet the needs of these herbs. For if you find in this review that this place is convenient to reach, but for the herbs actually not really cheap, you may decide in favor of a good harvest but for a different location in the garden.
2. When the right place for the herb bed is found, you can think about the decorative and individual design. The possibilities go from the very natural herbal bed, in which the individual herbs are simply loosely grouped next to each other, the neat herb garden with small round or rectangular (bordered) flower beds to the herbal spiral or herbal snail built from individual stones. Probably one of the solutions from the outset for your garden design will offer itself on these opportunities.
3. Location in the natural garden - The very natural-looking herbal bed fits wonderfully into a natural garden, but makes some demands on your herbal knowledge: You must not only the individual herbs very accurately from the appearance of a use can assign, if everything grows together, you will not long orient yourself to a planting plan can. You also need to know before planting which herbs grow larger and therefore need to be planted in the background and which herbs do not understand with certain herbal neighbors.
Bedding - the decision is yours
4.a herbal bed form for beginners -
The proper herbal bed with a straight shape gives you much more overview, here you can plant the individual herbs according to a specific plan and later find them again according to this plan. A beautiful herb bed for beginners so also as a rounded or curved bed. You can also create a well-defined demarcation to the rest of the garden by a bedding border of stones or with a Beetkante.
4.b A herbal spiral is also surrounded by a small wall of natural or straight stones. This results in a very designed, decorative bed, in the shape and color of the curbs you have some design possibilities. In such a herbal spiral, you can even bring in different levels that are filled with different soil, which extends the range of herbs that can be grown.
5. Get to know and choose herbs Whatever bedding you choose, the most important thing is, of course, to explore the needs of the herbs that are being planted and follow them as closely as possible. Many herbs come from the south and feel particularly well in sunny places with rather lean soil, for example sage, rosemary, marjoram, oregano and thyme.
Other herbs grow quickly and well in a slightly wetter zone; B. lemon balm, parsley and chives. The next herbs benefit very much from good, nutritious soil, basil for example or celery herb. There should also be an area of ​​quite normal soil where cumin and coriander, chamomile and chervil feel good. Peppermint and lovage need a lot of space and come to a place just outside, as well as the lavender, which is occasionally grateful for a lime gift.
For advanced or for later
6. A raised bed for advanced - If you want to do handicraft work, you could create a raised bed as an herb bed, which simply consists of some posts or beams, which are connected with boards as side panels to a box. Now the raised bed is filled with soil, which warms up very early in spring, so you can sow herbs early in the year. If it gets cold again, simply turn the raised bed with foil into a miniature greenhouse heated by the sun.

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