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A gazebo, also called garden pavilion, is a practical small rain and sun protection for the garden. Since this is not much needed and the construction itself is not necessarily very complicated, you can also build your garden arbor yourself.
Build garden loaves yourself - a construction manual / blueprint:
Most gazebos are made of wood. Here the customer first has to find out which one he wants - rather rustic and dark or simply and modern with light wood? Good advice exists here in the specialist and DIY stores. The customer should also think about the form in advance. A simple square gazebo? An octagonal teahouse? How about a hexagon?
Should the arbor remain completely open and thus offer only a shelter or are walls desired?
Should the gazebo remain natural and the color of the wood should be visible or should it be painted in a beautiful color?
Also size and location are planned ahead. Then, when all these questions about the appearance are cleared, shopping begins. Everything that is needed can be found in major DIY stores or other specialty stores.
In addition to the wood, so the different boards for the floor, the roof, the supports on the edges and possibly the walls, of course, you also need matching nails and screws. Again, one can be advised, because even of these utensils you need a different number in different versions. A shopping list is very helpful, so you do not have to go back several times to get missing utensils! When everything is shopped, the things must all be driven home. Here then the construction starts.
Anyone who is talented in craftsmanship, who simply feels like it or wants to try it out can of course also create their own walls or doors.
Construction instructions are available at the hardware store or on the Internet. Important here is accurate work, the pavilion should not fall over at the first gust of wind again. Also, it should be paid attention to the soil condition, not that the beautiful, self-built gazebo is there crooked afterwards!
And what is there, after all, better than sitting comfortably in the new gazebo after work, enjoying the weather or maybe even preparing the next barbecue?

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