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Build snail trap yourself: snail

There are several ways to get rid of the snails. However, most garden lovers prefer a snail trap, as the use of pesticides should be treated with caution. In addition, snail traps can usually be made cheaply and easily by yourself.

A beer trap helps against snail attack

One of the simplest snail traps is a beer trap. This consists of a plastic cup and some beer. The plastic cups or similar containers are buried in the ground until the edge is approximately at ground level. Then the hobby gardener fills a strong sip of beer in the cup. The cups should be checked and emptied the next morning. However, it is important to be sure that the slugs are really dead. Otherwise they crawl back from the compost to the beds. The beer trap is one of the most popular snail traps ever and is quite inexpensive to produce, which makes a multiple equipping the kitchen garden with this snail trap makes sense.

Build a snail bar

A little more manual skill requires a Schneckenbar, but should an accomplished hobby gardener to this little craft work quite capable. Especially since this trap is not only proven in the short term, but can be used practically throughout the garden season. The Schneckenbar is essentially a bait house, offering slug pellets and beer. The Schneckenbar is also suitable for those hobby gardeners who actually want to do without the use of pesticides due to their pets. For this snail trap you need:
  • 2 spruce boards measuring 12x14 cm and 10x14 cm,
  • 2 metal strips,
  • 1 cut-off bottleneck,
  • 1 piece of foam or a sponge,
  • screws
  • a planer,
  • a rasp...
as well as the aids and slug grain and beer. The project is similar in construction to a birdhouse and should ideally be made of impregnated wood. In order to avoid an overdose of the poisonous slug pellets a small hole is planed in the soil. To attract the snails, a sponge with beer soaked is attached to a bottleneck. The snails are attracted by the beer scent and then eat up the slug on which they die. The dead snails should be disposed of regularly.

Build a slugner

To build a snail's gymnast, the hobby gardener needs:
  • 1 large plastic transport box that holds about 30 liters and has a lid,
  • 1 wooden lid with the dimensions 30 x 30 cm with a hole in the size 24 x 24 cm.
There should also be a drill, a hinge and a cutter or a saw ready. You may need compost worms. First, some drip holes are drilled in the lid of the plastic box. Then the transport box is closed and turned upside down. The removable lid should therefore stand on the floor. Now a hole in the size 20 x 20 cm is cut into the floor, which is now a ceiling. Then a lid is made from the 30 x 30 cm board. For this a hole with the dimensions 24 x 24 cm must be sawed into the board. For this we recommend a special saw. The wooden lid is attached to the transport box with the hinge. If you want to, you can also cover the recess with wood to reinforce the wooden border inside.
The finished box should be placed in the ground and the lid must be at ground level. It can now be equipped with a bait or pick up the collected snails. This can also serve garden waste. This box can be emptied of compost on frost.

Prevent snail attack

Unfortunately, it is quite tedious to fight a snail plague, whereby a bait traps or snail traps can support very well. But if the neighbor does not follow, the snails walk overnight from the neighboring property again. Hobby gardeners with a good relationship with the neighbors should definitely work together, which increases the success quickly. It makes sense to go to the garden once a day, preferably in the morning or in the evening, and to collect all the snails that can be found there. They can either be killed or whoever seems too cruel should expose them in a forest. There are several methods of killing them, with cutting, overburning or freezing being one of the usual measures. In the snail traps, the experience shows that beer traps or bait traps that are equipped with additional beer, work very well. Again, it is important to dispose of the animals quickly. By the way, beer traps only work if they are not placed next to the fodder plants. They make more sense in the edges of the beds. When the snails have fallen into the beer, they usually drown. The dead snails can be buried in the ground.

Worth knowing about snail traps soon

Against snail attack help either pesticides such as slug pellets or so-called snail traps. Ecologically oriented hobby gardeners are more likely to resort to snail traps than to chemical control agents. Even pet owners are reluctant to spread snail grain and therefore prefer the snail traps. They are effective and easy to produce, but require little effort. Nevertheless, they are an effective means of sustainable slug fight.
Snails have a very good sense of smell, so a snail trap attracts all snails within three to four square meters. In order not to lure other animals, the use of a snail trap should provide for the protection of the entire property at the same time. For this purpose, for example, a worm fence, which prevents by its fold snails from entering the garden. Otherwise, it could be that the snails from the gardens of the neighbors will soon have to fight.
  • Snail traps can be purchased both commercially and on the Internet. They cost no more than 6 euros.
  • Who wants to prevent snail infestation, can rely on moss extracts and slug pellets.
  • Another way to prevent snails is the snail fence.
  • Also, learn about Snail's natural enemies to benefit from them.

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