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The garden is, in the ideal case, a welcome extension of the living space in the house, especially for the children in the family.
Very few families can offer their children in the house the space that children would most like to use in their exuberance to discover the world. We usually do not live in palaces, in the house it is already difficult enough to provide the children with a room for concentrated work, a cuddly quiet zone and a place that serves the storage, even a play area where the toy also may lie once.
There is a garden where children can really let off steam, and a stay in the fresh air is also important for the development of a child.
For children to be more often in the garden, the garden must have something to offer them. Exciting is the garden, in which there are a variety of toys, of course, each assembled according to age.
If you want to keep buying children's toys for that age, you'll have to spend a lot of money on it. More beautiful children's toys will be able to enjoy your children, if you build him the toy itself. There are countless exciting ideas for this, but most of the latest game ideas can also be realized with a little creativity.
Smaller children are happy about the rocking horse in the garden and can deal with a Negerkuss throwing machine for hours, you can equip them with other things than with sweets. Larger children will enjoy a self-built kite or are thrilled when a rabbit hutch is to be built.
The self-built children's toys are also usually much more appreciated, especially if your child has helped build (or, in the case of real handicraft help, even to small children, in the planning and coloring was included). Incidentally, your child also learns a few important craftsmanship skills... and of course it's much more likely to be out in the open air when the garden is full of stimulating children's toys that lure outside.
That is why you will find a variety of building instructions for playground equipment, which will make your children at different ages really fun.

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