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You are wondering how concrete is mixed and what are the costs for you?
OSB panels are an attractive alternative to traditional products, but you do not know where the different strengths are used?
If you feel confronted with such questions, you should take a look at our helpful guides, tips, and tricks.
These make it much easier for you to use classic building materials that are used in homes and gardens.
Furthermore, in the following categories, you will find safety instructions that apply to individual materials and must be observed in order to avoid endangering yourself and the environment unnecessarily.

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Remove PU foam - 11 agents against mounting foam

PU foam can be used very versatile. The more difficult is the distance. The hardened foam is very persistent and often left behind residues that you need to remove. You have different options for that.

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What is mineral concrete? - Information on costs and processing

Mineral concrete is a mixture made from gravel, crushed gravel or grit and water, which does not require a binder such as cement when mixed. Nevertheless, it is a high-strength building material that can be used in gardening or landscaping, for example, as a foundation for terraces or paved areas.

Building materials & materials: concrete

Make the lime paint yourself - mix the lime paint in 5 steps

For more than 7,000 years, lime paint has been used and today is again a popular material for wall cladding. The Kalkanstrich convinces by some advantages and makes life easier especially for allergy sufferers. It is easy and inexpensive to produce. How does that work and what you should pay attention to the Kalkanstrich explains the home counselor of

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Instructions: Wood & Furniture Waste - This is how it's done

Paints and paint make wood furniture unsightly over time. Often conceals itself under numerous paint and varnish layers a fancy piece of jewelry, which can come to light through leaching. With a professional manual, the leaching is easy to perform.

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Old wooden ceilings - Should you dress, renovate or remove them?

If old wooden ceilings make the space appear smaller and disturbing in combination with a modern interior design style, there are three ways to change it: dress, renovate or remove. In the home improvement and DIY guide, you will find out where the individual advantages and disadvantages lie.

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Hard wax oil processing - How to apply and polish

Hardwax oil is supposed to protect and preserve the wood. The advantage is that it is made of natural ingredients and is therefore suitable for anyone who lives environmentally conscious or has allergies. The hard-wearing and robust oil is especially suitable for wooden floors, as they are usually stressed a lot.

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Timber frame construction - What are the advantages, disadvantages and costs?

The statistics of recent years show that wooden houses are becoming increasingly popular. This is not least due to the advantages that this design brings with it. About the type of construction, costs and any disadvantages clarifies the expert from the home and DIY magazine.

Building materials & materials: costs

OSB Panels - All about dimensions, sizes and dimensions

With OSB boards you can do a lot of work in and around the house and your own property. The coarse chipboard is more robust compared to conventional plywood panels, protected from moisture due to their nature and does not even have to be sanded. Whether you want to build your own furniture from an easy-to-process material or want to repackage your walls, OSB boards are ideal for this.

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Removing Styrofoam Adhesive - How To Remove The Remains Of Wall & Ceiling

Styrofoam boards in the apartment are a fine thing. Dumb only if they have to be taken off. The residues of polystyrene adhesive, which then remain on the wall, are usually a real challenge. What options are there to remove them?


  • Construction chemistry from A-Z
  • concrete
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Wood
  • Wood-based panels: fiber, chip, OSB and MDF boards
  • Polystyrene plates: Styrodur & Styrofoam
  • Plasters from A to Z - types & processing

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