Flower bulbs: dig up and store properly - this is to be considered

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Lucky clover - Oxalis tetraphylla

As storage media for flower bulbs of summer bloomers, which are to overwinter without damage, dry sand, peat or dry newsprint are recommended. The individual bulbs can be completely packed in the sand, the peat or the paper without touching each other.
So go ahead
  • Dig onions of summer flowers immediately after the first ground frost

  • Shorten the stems remaining on the onions to about 10 cm

  • use tools suitable for excavating, such as garden shovels or digging forks

  • When excavating, be careful not to damage the onions

  • Free onions of soil residues and allow to dry if necessary

  • sort out soft, rotten and moldy specimens

  • Sort onions of summer flowers and keep them separately according to variety

  • Store in a dark, cool and frost-free place at plus 5 to 10° C

  • Protect onions with sand, paper or peat from drying out

  • In the late spring, after the ice saints are over, put the bulbs back in the garden

Video Board: Storing Bulbs: Dark and Dry.

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