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Rabbits and rabbits are pets that can be kept well in the garden, in a suitable stable. They are easy-to-care animals, very undemanding and sweet. Most are kept as pets for children who should learn how to handle animals and how to take responsibility for them. For those whose parents do not allow animals in the house, this is a good alternative. Dwarf rabbits are ideal for keeping. They are better for children to handle.
Of course, rabbits are also kept for later landing in the pot or pan. In the past, almost everyone who had a garden, even a tiny one, had a rabbit hutch. The attitude was and is simple, feed grows practically everywhere. Also green waste, such as the remains of cauliflower, lettuce and the like can be fed. The animals are undemanding.
Important for the attitude of rabbits and rabbits is a suitable stable. You can buy it ready, usually as a kit, or build completely independently. That's not hard at all. We want to give suggestions, tips, what to look for and information about where to get materials and plans. In addition, we have thoroughly researched what to keep in mind when keeping and taking care of rabbits and rabbits and what you can do wrong. After all, you want to make sure that your pets are fine.
Of course, it is particularly important to keep that posture in winter, especially when temperatures are well below zero. What you have to pay attention to, you will find on the following pages. Take a look and inform yourself

Keep rabbits and rabbits in the garden: animals

Popular rabbit names / rabbit names - male and female

A nameless rabbit in the barn brings misfortune, finding a nice name for the new stable hare on the fly brings stress - only good preparation, for which the article lays the foundation.

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