Burglary protection starts in the garden - 4 tips

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Burglary protection garden tips

If you want to protect your house from burglars, you have to start with it in the garden. There are many things that you can use and some things to keep in mind, because burglary protection starts in garden.

  1. High hedges attract thieves. If you have a garden all around with high visibility, then thieves have easy game. On the property they arrive quickly. There they can then devote themselves undisturbed to the house, no one can watch.
  2. Light is always useful. Who illuminates his house in the dark, and also from the outside, who has ever a high protection. The lighting does not have to be permanent, but should start with the help of motion detectors. Burglars shy away from it.
  3. A cautionary note "Beware of the biting dog" at the entrance can not hurt.
  4. Likewise, cameras are useful. Equip them with motion detectors and only switch them on when you are away from home. Even dummies, which are not recognizable as such, can act as a deterrent.

A few points that can quickly stop the burglars.

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