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Typical boxwood

  • Nevertheless, the boxwood is one of the most popular design elements in the garden. He was and is often planted as ornamental and useful wood, in the garden as a boundary to the neighbors, as a solitary shrub or in the cemetery as an enclosure.
  • From the boxwood in the classical sense, there are about 50 known varieties, but differ only slightly in their appearance, more precisely, in the leaf color, leaf spacing, leaf size, leaf shape or in the growth rate.
  • The boxwood is also very popular when it comes to cutting shapes and figures. Through its dense growth, you can represent a variety of motives, such as a beautiful swan, a large flowerpot or geometric shapes. There are no limits to creativity, only your own taste decides what will be cut.
boxwood plant in a pot or garden
The boxwood occurs in many parts of the world and is quite modest in terms of care. It is best to multiply the boxwood by cuttings that you place in the water or put in the ground. Propagation via seeds is generally possible, but very time consuming.
But you can already buy boxwood as a plant in a pot. In the hardware store we find different sizes and shapes. What is important is the fact that the chances of prosperity are better if the boxwood is as young as possible. If you want to redesign your garden, then the boxwood is a very nice element that can be used anywhere. Nevertheless, one should choose the place well, so that a transplanting is not absolutely necessary, because that does not tolerate a boxwood so well.
If you still can not avoid moving a boxwood, then you should know that the bigger and older the tree, the lower the chances that it will grow well again. In any case, it should be excavated very spacious and used just as generously in the area again. For this you have to leave enough time and, above all, muster great strength.
It is also very important that as few roots as possible are damaged. The many innumerable small roots that a boxwood has, are responsible for the water intake of the tree and should remain as complete as possible. In addition, you should choose a cool and damp day to implement and water the boxwood very well in the first few days in the new place so that he has any chance to grow again.
Increase the boxwood itself
The boxwood is one of the slow growing plants and is therefore very expensive in certain sizes. No wonder, then, that more and more boxwood fans are multiplying their own plants. The simplest method of propagating the boxwood is the cuttings propagation:
  • Especially in high and late summer is the ideal time for this project. In contrast to spring, the new shoots of the boxwood are already well woody and much stronger, so they are also not so prone to disease.
  • First of all, you have to choose a particularly beautiful and strong branch and cut it off carefully. Here is the motto - the stronger the branch, the better the chances of survival.

  • At the bottom of the stalk, the leaves must now be carefully removed so that they do not begin to rot in the soil.
  • At the top of the stalk is now also about a third shortened. Furthermore, the stem must now be cut straight, so that roots can be formed better.

  • Particularly suitable are special breeding stations, because these provide the ideal conditions for the cutting. Here he should have some months to build up and grow his own roots.
  • However, quite strong shoots can also be placed directly in the garden. The liberated from the leaves shoot must be put only in the ground, which is now lightly pressed.

  • After only a few weeks, the young plant forms its first own roots, which are gradually becoming stronger, so that shoots that have been planted directly into the garden usually survive the first winter without any problems.
  • If you want to play it safe, you should first plant it in the fresh air.
The cutting of boxwood
Due to the fact that the boxwood is a plant that has an extremely dense habit, many different shapes are often cut. Whether a heart, a normal bullet or a swan is up to you. Apart from the special shaped cuts, the boxwood only has to be cut once or twice. The fine cut of the plant should take place during the growth phase, which runs from early May to early September.
The shoots, which are about four centimeters long at this time, must now be shortened to a length of about one centimeter.The rough cut and the cut into the old wood should be attacked in March or April. The boxwood itself can now be radically cut back, because from May, new shoots, so that the old and sick branches are easily replaced quickly and whole hedges are new and beautiful in the spring.
The growing and cutting at a glance:
  • Propagation by seeds or cuttings possible
  • Propagate in high or late summer
  • Carefully separate the cuttings and remove at the lower part of leaves
  • Cut the upper part to one third
  • strong cuttings in garden plants, grow small cuttings only in the house and plant out in the spring
  • Fine cut from May to September
  • Rough cut or pruning from March to April

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