Calla hibernate - How to protect the noble plant from the cold temperatures

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Most Calla species are not hardy and must therefore be prepared in time for the cold season. What should be considered in the calla, read here.

Calla overwinter

The Calla or Zantedeschia is a flowering plant that you can keep in the room or put in a bucket or in the garden during the summer months.

With a few exceptions Callas are not hardy. For the cold season, there are several measures. Depending on whether you have a container plant or the Calla grows in the field.

➜ Prepare Calla for the winter

Calla in the field

After flowering, remove all withered parts of the plant. From now on you should also stop casting.

In late autumn, you dig out the entire plant and rid the roots of dirt. This works best if you let the tubers dry for a few days and then shake vigorously. Store the tubers in a box in a dark and cool place during the winter, for example in the cellar. Alternatively, you can put the plant in a pot with normal soil and overwinter in the house. During the winter months pour very little, also, the pot should be in a cool room. Hardy varieties remain in the garden, but are well covered. For straw, leaves, brushwood or fleece is suitable.

Calla in the bucket

Again, cut off withered plant parts. Smaller tubs wander into a bright, cool room. If you have no place inside the house, in the greenhouse, conservatory or in the garage, the container plant can also stay outdoors. Put the pot on a protective house wall and apply a good winter protection, for example bubble wrap, jute bag with straw filling or the like. A thick Styrofoam plate under the pot helps against the cold of the ground.

Calla as a houseplant

The plant is freed from all withered and withered parts. Place the pot in a bright, cool place and pour little or no water during the winter months. A temperature between 10 and 15 degrees is optimal, also the plants need light. All parts of the plant withering in the winter also cut off, so that no mold forms.

➜ Ready for the next spring

Over-wintered tubers can be placed in normal potting soil from February / March. Gently pour and wait for the shoot - this usually takes a few weeks. Slowly accustom the plant to warmer temperatures. A sudden change from cold to warm damages the Calla. From May, you can put Calla in the field.

For potted plants and Zimmercallas in the spring is the right time to repot. On the occasion remove dead roots. Callas in the bucket are allowed into the open, if no frost threatens - also here please pay attention to a slow change, so that the plant gets no heat shock.

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