Camellia Loses Buds - Causes & Treatment Options

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Camellias fascinate every viewer with their beautiful flowers. But what if it does not get that far, because the buds fall off?

Camellias are sensitive to relocation

Camellias come from East Asia and have been cultivated in China and Japan for many centuries. It was not until the 18th century that the first camellias found their way to Europe. Nowadays they are almost to be found in every garden. No wonder, because camellias look very beautiful and can grow in a favorable location to large bushes or even trees. However, this only works if you take care of your camellias properly. Because if you're not careful, you risk the buds just falling off. This can have several causes.

Why are the buds falling off?

➤ Relocation:

Sometimes it happens that the camellias lose their buds and turn brown at the leaf margins. This occurs, among other things, when you plant the camellia in the spring of their cultivation in the garden. The plants then usually react sensitively to the change of location.

Likewise, camellias love being planted in cool places. If it is too warm, the buds may fall off.

➤ stay seated:

If the buds bloom only halfway and then fall off, then there is talk of sitting still. As stated above, the plants react to strongly changing conditions, such as a change of location. Every camellia has to get used to her new place.

➤ Over-fertilization:

Another cause can be over-fertilization. This is noticeable, for example, on brown leaf margins. It is therefore preferable to fertilize the camellias only twice a year with rhododendrons.

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