Camellias - They are very demanding

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Camellias are very demanding

If you have a wonderfully blooming camellia at home or in the garden or on the terrace, then you should know that camellias need a lot of care.

Camellias are very demanding
Basically, you have to pay a lot of attention, so that the camellia also thrives and surprised with flowers. Camellias are shadow plants. Even a short sun exposure can lead to leaf burns. Nevertheless, the camellia should not be left in the dark - not even during wintering. Then the lack of light can cause the plant to lose its leaves and buds.

She does not like waterlogging and dryness
It is also important to ensure adequate fertilization. Likewise, she does not like waterlogging or dryness. When watering, use only softened, low-salt water. If you cast it incorrectly, you will notice that the leaves become flabby, turn yellow and fall off.

Protect camellias from diseases and pests
It can also happen that the flower has cancerous growths. These should then be cut out as soon as possible. This is the camellia dying. Even before the infestation of vermin and fungi, the camellia must be protected with appropriate pesticides.

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