It can happen - bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps when gardening

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It's hard to start with - this saying is apt for working in the garden, because gardening has countless stumbling blocks that make it difficult for you to get your green thumb. A large number of prospective hobby gardeners are the first to try out useful plants at a young age. Strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and anything that is good to eat and drink is also an excellent way to get people interested in gardening. And admittedly, with grandma, grandpa and in the neighbor's garden everything looks so simple and also tastes delicious. So it's usually easy to get started. But just in the beginning, things can go wrong.

Mildew on rose

Mildew is a common disease of roses that employs many readers. In this article, you will read about how to deal with the fungal disease correctly

The biggest garden breakdowns of our Facebook readership

  • A mistake that can happen quickly is when you put plants next to each other that have different growth rates. For example, one of our readers planted strawberries in her garden, which then quickly had to fight for the sunlight they needed in the shade of the large leaves of the funnel
  • When planting on the balcony, the terrace and generally in pots and pans often the wrong soil is used. Not every plant enjoys classic potting soil. Especially herbs, which prefer a rather nutrient-poor and very water-permeable soil, often have problems with these earths and waterlogging.
  • Not every plant is suitable to be planted indoors or outdoors. This experience had to be made by one of our readers when he thought he was doing something good for his ficus and planting him in the garden. The summer has worked out quite well, but our winters are too cold for the plants that love Mediterranean climate throughout the year and so unfortunately it has arrived.

  • Even with the beautification of the garden by construction measures, one or the other mishap can happen. For example, one of our readers probably worked on the floor of the newly built house. The result: a terrace that was more like a mountain range in the Alps, and a pond that was suddenly several inches deeper than originally planned.
  • Gardening offers a certain potential for danger, another reader proved very painfully, as he slipped while hacking a hedge root with the ax and the ax head caused an unsightly laceration on his head.
  • That much does not always help a lot or at least does not bring the desired result, shows the blue grain use another reader. Freshly drafted in the new house, she wanted to get the lawn in the new garden a little momentum and remembered that her father used to always Blue Grain for it. The distribution by hand, however, ensured that the growth was very different and the lawn got a very interesting "hairstyle".
  • Unfortunately, a serious case of "too much" overtook the bed of another reader, who was a little too generous with slug-fighting salt. The conclusion was a salted bed and received plants.

Sometimes you lose

Who does not know, one takes during the week full of bright sunshine, a project for the weekend before and barely is the closing time on Friday, come on dark clouds - or it just goes wrong. Our tip: keep calm and take with humor

The MEIN team is available to help and advise

If you have problems with plants or general questions in the garden, we will be happy to help and advise you. Simply send us your question via e-mail or via our Facebook channel.

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