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A touch of tropics blows through the garden when you have planted one or more canna. To make them look great next year, you have to overwinter your Canna.

Canna winter hibernate tips

Canna overwinter
This beautiful flower blooms in a variety of reds and has large leaves that are reminiscent of banana plants. As winter approaches, you'll need to bring your Canna inside to hibernate. Since it is not hardy, this beautiful flower would therefore not survive in the garden. So you have to dig them out in the fall and overwinter them frost-free.

Dig up Canna
If it is time for you to dig up your canna, then you should pay attention to some important things. Many make the mistake of digging their canna too soon. But you should not bring them in until the first frosts have already browned the leaves. Do not worry, your plant will not be damaged, on the contrary. If you dig up the plant too soon, you risk losing strength.

Store Canna properly
After digging, you should cut off the tuber by a hand. Then you have to brush the tuber off the ground with a brush and store it in a dry place. It is best if you store your Canna in a box that is filled with sand. Alternatively, you can also have the flower in the pot over the winter. In this variant, you must store the plant but dark and cool and never pour. From May, you can bring your Canna back to the garden and enjoy its beauty.

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