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On public roads, it is generally not allowed to clean a car. For private land, it depends on the individual case: The Federal Water Act, the general conditions and the general due diligence obligations are given. Thereafter, it is not permitted for a car to be washed on a private property on unpaved ground, for example on a gravel road or in a meadow. It does not matter whether cleaning agents or equipment such as high-pressure cleaners are used. Something else may apply if the vehicle is washed on a firm surface. Here, the federal states and municipalities can make their own regulations.

Before you wash your car, you should check with your local community or local water authority to see if and what arrangements have been made. For example, the cleaning of the car on a private property in the district of Munich on a solid surface is generally allowed if no chemical cleaning agents, no high-pressure cleaner and steam jet equipment used and the other requirements are met. In large parts of Berlin, washing is generally prohibited by the Berlin Water Act. Anyone who violates these regulations commits at least one administrative offense.

Car is parked under a linden tree

If you park your vehicle under a linden tree, you must expect that the paint will be coated with a sticky layer. This is due to the excretions of the aphids

Garden and Neighborhood Law: The Question of the Week

A linden tree of the neighbor pollutes the parked cars of the residents with sticky secretions. Can they therefore demand removal of the tree or overhanging branches?
A claim under § 906 of the German Civil Code does not exist, as honeydew, the sugary excretions of the aphids, usually does not result in any significant impairment or local usage. Also applies to the claims to removal or cutback from §§ 910 and 1004 Civil Code, that it must be a significant impairment. The standards are set very high, so that it is usually difficult to prove a significant impairment. Also, a claim for damages does not exist in principle, since there is no comprehensive obligation to avert dangers arising from trees. These are unavoidable circumstances of nature, which - as the District Court of Potsdam (Case 20 C 55/09) and the Higher Regional Court of Hamm (Case 9 U 219/08) have judged - are not caused by human action or omission and as a general Life risk are to be accepted.

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