Cardboard furniture - stable, ecologically correct and recyclable

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Cardboard furniture - stable, ecologically correct and recyclable

You can hardly believe it: cardboard furniture? So right to sit on top or as a shelf? Paperboard is actually, let's face it, rather thought of as packaging furniture, not as a piece of furniture itself.

Ecologically correct: recyclable cardboard furniture

Increasingly, manufacturers and consumers in the furniture industry are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. When you take a closer look, however, the material cardboard creates unimagined possibilities in reality. Not only the ecological side brings advantages, also the processing is simple, fast and thus inexpensive.

Are cardboard furniture stable and durable?

Definitely yes. Sufficient stability is guaranteed for all pieces. No problem. If the construction is correct, as the makers emphasize, cardboard is in no way inferior in terms of stability to the "competing product" wood. Unimaginable: a cardboard bed in an attempt even a whole school class carried without problems. A manufacturer advertises even with a car, which has under each wheel just a Papphocker - so actually only 4
Papphockern is completely worn. So much stability you really do not trust them, the cardboard furniture.
The issue of durability, however, you have to consider something critical: As a nursery furniture, they are only partially suitable. While you can sand wood in an emergency, cardboard is always a bit more sensitive to moisture and external influences. Thanks to a special coating, the cardboard is relatively sturdy and easy to clean and wipe off.

Bed, shelf, table, chair - everything is possible

Well, a bookshelf, you can do that
usually just imagine - but a bed? So completely made of cardboard? Strange but true. And there are even more of the funny and iconic furniture: how about a screen, a couch, a chest of drawers, a cot? Depending on the design and make-up, the desired piece is then also cheap and affordable from the price. Various retailers even offer the customer to produce individual objects according to their wishes, to match the furnishings. Cardboard furniture is also interesting for many tradespeople. For example, think of shop windows, trade fair exhibitors, small trendy or even ecological shops or advertising agencies that often look for something special and stylish.

And the optics?

That depends on it - as with "normal" furniture actually too. There are fairly simple models that are primarily functional and not primarily beautiful. But also real design pieces, so real eye-catcher and unique items, which are also made of cardboard. Anyone looking around in appropriate stores will not believe their eyes: the selection is unimaginably large and some pieces of furniture are really highlights for the good room. As a blank in their original color left the furniture in the usual cardboard look, namely brown. But it does not speak against a paint job, which makes this robust, beautiful and usually even washable.

Cardboard furniture - what's up?

Of course you do not get the cardboard furniture everywhere. Fewest furniture stores have a choice and if only a modest one. But after all, there are in some (large) cities special stores only with cardboard furniture. Anyone who does not happen to have such a shop nearby should take a look around the internet: in several shops there are the greatest and most exclusive ones
Pieces. An advantage when buying online: cardboard furniture is not nearly as heavy as those made of solid wood and therefore easier to transport.

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