Care and self-manufacture of garden furniture

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You can also make garden furniture yourself. Craftsmanship gifted amateur gardener leave nothing to chance. In addition, self-made garden furniture are unique. That may already mean something special for the garden or for the terrace. The necessary material is available either directly from the forest (lengthwise halved tree trunks at the forester you can inquire) or from the hardware store. Tools and other accessories can also be found in DIY stores or often in garden centers. The care of the garden furniture is an absolute must for every garden owner. Anyone who maintains his garden furniture regularly, enjoy it longer. The care is usually not expensive, but necessary to extend the life of the garden furniture.
Garden furniture must be maintained. Here you can learn more about the care of wooden garden furniture. You will also find building instructions for the self-construction of various garden furniture.

From old to new was always popular. From unsightly garden furniture can usually conjure up something chic. Wooden furniture, for example, can be sanded and painted, painted or simply oiled or leached. You will hardly recognize the furniture again. For other chairs, benches and loungers, covers can be made that give the furniture a whole new look.
In the treatment of furniture, especially for children's furniture should be very careful of the compatibility. In the trade funds are available, which were rated as very child friendly. They do not smell, do not cause skin irritation and are otherwise not harmful to health. It is important not to fill all the paints, varnishes, oils, glazes and such liquids in beverage bottles, so that children never get the idea out of such a vessel to drink. That can be very dangerous.

Teak oil for teak care

Teak is very popular. It has many good features and is often used for garden furniture and also for decking. In principle, teak wood does not need to be groomed. If you do not bother with the silvery patina, which does not develop over time, then cleaning the wood will be enough.

Teak furniture care with high-pressure cleaner recommended?

Anyone who calls modern teak furniture their own can indeed be happy. Teak wood has become a much sought-after material in the recent past for the production of indoor and outdoor furniture.

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