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If you only have a small usable area in your garden, but you still do not want to do without fresh fruit from your own cultivation, then you will find espalier fruit just right. In addition to a selected purchase from the retailer, it then only requires more regular care and a little effort to soon retract the first own harvest of apples and pears.
Tree selection is crucial
Trellises are available in a wide variety of fruits, with apples and pears especially popular. In contrast to actual fruit trees, they require little space, so they can be bred not only on a small lawn, but even on the balcony. Anyone looking around a garden nursery will discover a variety of forms. Among the best-known varieties that thrive well in this country belongs

  • the one-armed Spalierbarum
  • the two-armed trellis tree and
  • the U-trellis
Of course, the espalier fruit can be brought into many other individual forms, it should be noted that it is set and refined on weak growing documents.
Planting and fertilizing is important
Anyone who has chosen a trellis plant in the nursery should plant it directly in front of the trellis. It is important to maintain a distance of less than 30 centimeters from the house wall so that the plant can later be ventilated from the rear. It is best to use it in the foliage-free period, ie from October to March, making sure that the outside temperatures are above zero degrees. The planting itself is relatively simple, namely simply dig a plant lot, which has twice the size and width of the root system. This facilitates the growth of the plant, since the soil is well loosened around. If you want to ensure that your trellises grow as quickly as possible, you can add fertilizer or compost to the plant lot to provide the earth with sufficient nutrients. Extensive watering sets the finishing touch to the onset, with the earth around the trunk still something to be trodden.
Breeding of trellis fruit is laborious
It is absolutely advisable that the tree for the trellis fruit is bought in a garden nursery. Here it is important to ensure that the side branches arise in pairs on the main drive. For the trellis there are different materials, mostly wood or robust metal is used. The distance between the bars or wires should amount to almost forty centimeters, so the branches can be bent without kinking. Here, however, it depends on the right time, which is between May and July. Because only unripe branches can be bent well and bring in the desired form of trellis. All shoots that grow out of the lateral buds must be greatly reduced in order not to endanger the later development of the branches. Only when these have been cut several times accordingly, develops the stable property for the espalier fruit. This makes his owners by many flowers and rich fruit growth really joy and compensates for the elaborate care.
Summer cut is important
In order to cultivate its trellis fruit trees in the classical manner, a summer cut should always be made. This is the only way to ensure that the growth of the hive is restricted and that the flowering of flowers is encouraged. If one assumes that especially in the warm season more shoots are formed, as are necessary for fruit and crown formation, so it is logical that these must be removed to promote growth. Since a winter cut is often not possible or by tearing the shoots damaged the plant, this care should be carried out during the summer months. Because removal of the shoots, as long as they are not yet lignified, is gentler for the plant, whose wounds also heal faster in the summer.
However, a summer cut also has the advantage that the crown is better exposed and the flower buds can develop better. Especially with sweet cherries, this results in an increase in the quality of the fruits. But even in the summer cut, it depends on the right time, otherwise at the end of the shoots must be cut several times. Experts advise, especially in apple and pear trellises in June to reduce the lateral shoots on four to six plant leaves.
Tips for planting
First, the shoots must be attached to the mold scaffold. The branches must be constantly attached to the scaffolding, also called trellis or trellis, so that the fine branches do not break off under the weight of the future fruits. Depending on the modeling of the mold, a triangular, U or the classical column shape can be created.
To grow a normal fruit bush, the leading shoot of the trellis fruit must be cut in a height of about 80 cm. In order to form a fruit column, the guide must grow.Only the side branches have to be shortened slightly. To maintain the pillar shape, it takes time-consuming care, as must be regularly cut.
In summer, care must be taken to ensure that access to the trellises is possible from all sides, as the summer care of the trees is the most important care of the year. The summer care serves to control the growth of the shoot more efficiently and at the same time increases the fertility of the espalier fruit.

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