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Care of mini roses - miniature rose: roses

Mini roses prefer a sunny spot, but are grateful for shading at lunchtime.

Miniature rose is not the same as miniature rose

Many roses are sold as minis, but there are differences. The miniature roses, which are so inexpensive to buy, are pot roses, so made for the flower pot. They are just cuttings that have been stuck in the ground. Otherwise roses are finished. That makes them even more expensive. Miniature roses are therefore not set on a durable base on which they can evolve. So you have no pad and are therefore very susceptible to bacteria and fungal diseases. Mildew is widespread. Also, these little roses are not hardy.
Patios are a bit bigger and more robust. They are suitable for patio beds and planters and survive even the winter outdoors quite well. A pretty radical cut promotes the flowering of roses. Patios are not houseplants

Miniature or miniature roses?

Miniature roses are even smaller in growth than miniature roses. They also have smaller leaves and flowers. However, both varieties are also offered under the other name. There is not always clarity. Only on the variety labels can one find clarity. There should be how big the plants can become.
Laur rose grower sid dwarf or patio roses short, compact varieties. They can be planted both in the garden and used for buckets. Miniature roses are the very small roses. They are often chemically compressed during production, ie artificially kept small (growth inhibitors). Miniature roses are their own breed, especially small, compact varieties. They are used for windowsill or balcony and they are usually not suitable for outdoor use.

Further care instructions

It is recommended to use a tall plant pot so that the fine, deep-reaching hair roots of the minirose have sufficient space. In order for them to develop well, you should pour less often, but penetrating. So that the root ball is evenly moistened, the rose can also be put in a water bath every now and then for 10 to 15 minutes. If plant pot has enough space, you can plant rose cavaliers such as sage or catnip.
Wilted flowers should be cut off regularly so that the minirose does not have to put any force into the seed formation. In this way, the budding young will be promoted. The creation of a drain ensures a good drainage. For this you fill in about three centimeters high chippings or expanding concrete. Very important is the pouring margin of 2 to 3 centimeters above the pot. He should definitely stay so that the rose can be poured generously. The minirose should be planted deep into the pot, with the rejuvenation site about 5 centimeters below the ground. Immediately after planting the minirose is vigorously poured, but do not wash away the still loose soil. The variety of mini roses can be used in the design of the balcony, garden, terrace or in the apartment. The Sweet Haze is a delicately scented mini rose in pastel colors.
When looking after miniature roses, you really need to know what kind of variety it is. Dwarf and patio roses can be planted and maintained just like all other roses. The miniature roses, which are just cuttings, need a slightly different care. Important is a good location. It should be bright and warm, but not too warm. Full sun is uncomfortable. Often it is better to plant them in a slightly larger pot, even if that only comes at the expense of new flowers. Casting is very careful. Too much moisture kills the small plants. One waits with the casting always so long, until the earth is well dried. Then it is poured pervasively. Drain off excess water. It is better to wait for the rose shoots to hang limply and then pour rather than keep the soil wet. As soon as the rose receives water, it straightens up again. Fertilizing is also good, which gives the rose strength.

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