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In dry and warm periods, a thorough casting is generally recommended, especially with freshly planted dwarf roses. It is poured in the evening, so that the leaves are not wetted with water and burn. Before planting damaged roots are removed, too long roots cut to 20 centimeters.
The rose is placed so that the processing station is 5 centimeters below the surface. In order to promote the bloom new formation, should be exfoliated regularly removed. This is done by cutting off the withered flower with the underlying leaves at an angle. Occurring game drives are torn off directly at the root. More about the rose cut / cut roses.
From November, the dwarf roses are prepared for the winter. 20 to 30 centimeters of soil or compost are piled around the root area and a protective mulch layer is applied. For particularly sensitive varieties, a cover of twigs and spruce is recommended. In autumn, the roses should be fertilized well. During the growing season, mineral fertilizer is supplied specifically. After the main flowering in July, the fertilization of the dwarf roses is stopped because the wood can not mature enough for winter and the plant is prone to frost and disease. Newly planted roses should not be fertilized in the first year so that they develop many roots. For the vase cut you should cut off not more than 3 flower stems per plant diagonally with the knife. The plant bushes thus remain visually attractive and vigorous. Dwarf roses are cut in early to full spring at the beginning of the new shoot. The incision should be made 1 centimeter above the bud. Use only sharp rose scissors, so that the shoots are not squeezed off. Slight shoots on 2 to 3 eyes, strong shoots cut to about 5 eyes.
Height & growth
Zwergrosen are small issues of normal roses. Everything is a little smaller on them. They are barely higher than 40 cm and are ideal for small gardens, or small beds. They can also be used for the planting of troughs, tubs and boxes. Particularly beautiful varieties are the miniature roses 'Charmant', 'Coco', 'Flirt 2011' and 'Little Sunset'. Old dwarf rose varieties are often very sensitive to fungal diseases. With new breeds, much emphasis is placed on leaf health.
Avoid care mistakes!

  • Counterfeiter Locationpromotes fungal diseases - lots of sun and a breezy place, loamy and humus rich soil with a larger proportion of sand
  • Correct pour and fertilize! - freshly planted roses need plenty of water. Even in the first year must be cast regularly! Even dwarf roses have deep roots, so they can supply themselves well with water. Pouring once or twice a week is usually enough. Do not pour on the leaves! Fertilize, because roses are heavy eaters. However, stop fertilizing at the end of July, otherwise the shoots will not lignify and may freeze to death in winter. Fertilize in the fall with patent potassium, which strengthens the plants and they are well through the winter!
  • Missing cut or wrong cut - Spring crop is better than autumn cut. Quercus dwarfs cut back vigorously, then many shoots and many flowers form. Cut something back after the first flowering: A good cut prevents diseases. Remove too dense foliage!
  • winter protection - even dwarf roses are a bit frosty. Ideal is the piled around the roses. The trunk must be well protected. Then it can be dispensed with covering with brushwood.
Dwarf roses are very charming roses. They impress with their abundance of flowers, beautiful colors and flower shapes and their grazielen growth. In terms of care, they are no different from other roses. If you have a sunny and airy location and are in a suitable substrate, you do not have much work with them. It is important to regularly remove the decayed and cut well. Too much water is not needed. Fertilizer helps so that there are many flowers and they also have the power to flower. Otherwise you do not have to do much. A special autumn fertilization with potash and pile in the winter, that's it. Dwarf roses are grateful perennials. They bloom from June to fall.

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