Carpet lawn for balcony and terrace - artificial, but good?

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But there are also artificial turf, which is laid in the garden. It has the advantage that it does not need to be mowed and fertilized after proper installation and also requires no irrigation. Carpets of the latest generation are optically barely distinguishable from real grass, for example turf. The lawn is ideal for allergy sufferers. Imagine you never have to remove weeds again. The cost of care is low. Mole Hill will only be known by hearsay. You do not have to worry about ticks anymore. The lawn stays green and usable all year round. Since the lawn is permeable, there are no costs due to sealed surfaces.
The carpet is available in different versions. There are nearly 100 varieties. As a rule, it consists of a sub-fiber, a kind of net and the lawn. The nylon net holds the polyethylene fibers together. The lawn looks very dense and fresh. When you walk barefoot, of course, you realize the difference. There are different dense lawns. The denser, the less you can see that he is not genuine. However, quality is a matter of price. The turf that looks the most real is also the most expensive.
When buying, you should pay attention to how high the UV resistance. Some carpets have problems with it. The lawn is fading. There are carpet turfs in which the grass blades stand upright by themselves, but also those that require a bedding material. That is also quite a difference in quality.
Carpet lawn is easy to clean. Before you buy should be well advised. The differences between the grass types are considerable, not only in the price. It would be annoying if the quality does not meet the requirements in the end. You generally only want to lay carpet lawns once in a lifetime and then the quality has to be right.
Carpet grass can not replace real grass
You will be able to buy carpet turf that looks almost like turf and feels almost like turf. However, if you spontaneously have the idea of ​​simply giving up the turf-consuming lawn and instead putting a piece of artificial turf in the garden, that's not really a good idea. Although it would be conceivable in your garden to cover a certain area and cover it with a carpet lawn, but a larger grown lawn area really can not replace this carpet lawn. First of all, this would only be conceivable if you were to buy a very expensive carpet, and hardly anyone could afford it with a surface the size of a normal lawn. Then this carpet will still disappoint you if you want to move on it the way you move on the lawn in the garden: with your bare feet, with a folding bed, from which then a hand stretches down to the lawn, with a Book just to lay down on the lawn - a carpet always feels like plastic, you do not want to use it like a real lawn. In addition, there are not only the above-mentioned problems with the UV resistance, carpet turf always needs a regular care that comes even with easy-care carpet lawn the effort you would have to use a lawn, quite close.
It is conceivable to use carpet turf on surfaces which are to be used for special purposes within the garden or, rather, on the transitional area from the garden to the house. So could a terrace area to the garden out z. B. carpeted lawns to pretend to the eye a larger green space than actually exists. An ugly, gravel-covered garage entrance could temporarily green out with carpet turf... many other clever uses for a piece of carpet lawn in the garden are conceivable, up to new design ideas:
Carpet lawn as a new design idea for the garden
The carpet is available in all sorts of colors. If you love a colorful play of colors or want to spoil your children in the early years with such a colorful play of colors, you could use your terrace z. B. in a friendly orange. Even for unusual adult design, the carpet on the balcony or terrace gives you plenty of new options at hand, wooden furniture on fine, but rather cuddly black maybe, or aluminum balcony furniture on dark brown carpet lawn, or white plastic furniture on friendly pink...

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